A Star-Studded Evening

Cipriani 42nd Street gets ready for the MM&M Awards

From left: Wendy Blackburn, Julie Levine, Shwen Gwee, Lisa Starr and Jill Groebel

From left: Charlie Hunt, Lois Smith and Steve Hamburg

Leann Popelka and Jose Rivera

From left: Mark Wilschek, Doreen Gates, Eugene Lee and Corrie Bridgeman

Staff from The Doctors Channel with Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Dr. Ruth spreads the word about "Becoming Dr. Ruth," a play that tells the story of her life

From left: Andre Watson, Jill Manduray, Matt Higgins, Diane Leal, Jonanna Sensale and Carin Caselli

TImmy Garde and Alison Lentz

Jodi Brichan, Thomas Dickman and Robin Shapiro

Irene Kwak and Lindsay Fielding

Eliot Tyler, Michele Monteforte and Jen Lutz

Debbie Renner and Debbie Deaver

Roxana Bannach-Lin and Robert Palmer

Roy Broadfoot and Marissa Addalia

The pre-Awards cocktail hour in full swing

Maureen Regan and Barbara Pritchard

Leann Popelka, Brenda Aske and Laura Ostrander

Lois Smith and Adam Derengowski

Brendan Ward and Bob Vogel

Natasha Mulla, Jennifer Cullert and Jeniffer Amparo

Nicole Marshall and Maggie Keller

Lauren Fedinec, Keith Flanders, Neil Follett, Chris Billis and Tyler Campbell

Erika Maas, Jessica Feinberg and Colleen McGinn

Craig Haines and Denise Esakoff

Meghan Lopresto and Leonard Bishop

Maida Kelly, Leslie Harstad, Karen Thomas-Smith, Kyle Christensen, Meg Hoyecki and Kim Brooks

Celeste Frank

Jim Curtis and Scott Wolf

Mike Graziani, Joan-Marie Stiglich and John Carter

Michael Zilligen, Shwen Gwee and Joe Shields

Michael Austin and Jim Lolis

Barbara Pritchard, James Chase and Christine Coyne

David Blair, Peter Justason and Shwen Gwee

The Awards dinner is served

Barbara Pritchard and Joe Shields

Todd Love and Amanda Sullivan

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