28 attorneys general say no to Zohydro

State legal reps ask Commissioner Hamburg to overturn the approval.

NIH revamps teen drug abuse website

Updates include responsive design and information in Spanish.

FDA tightens indication and label for opioid sub-category

FDA tightens indication and label for opioid sub-category


The changes, which include tightening prescribing criteria of extended-release and long-acting opioids and a boxed warning for pregnancy, are part of an effort to curb abuse. Some said the FDA's effort is too limited

Acura's abuse-deterrent painkiller fails to displease


Phase II studies found recreational abusers were not significantly bothered by the mechanism meant to make a "deterrent" version unpleasant to snort.

CVS joins prescription crackdown


The drugstore chain says it has cut off over-prescribers of tightly controlled medications.

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