Affordable Care Act

Drug spend will continue to rise through 2023

Drug spend will continue to rise through 2023


The numbers folks at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services anticipate sluggish growth in US healthcare spend, but prescriptions look ready to take off.

White House proposes Hobby Lobby alternative

A proposal by the Obama administration Friday seeks to keep contraception accessible and coverage approval at arm's length for employees of religious non-profits.

Employers like "skinny" health plans

These healthcare plans allow employees and employers to avoid ACA penalties but provide little coverage.

Court invalidates some healthcare subsidies

The lawsuit has been wending its way through the courts for a while, and, although it is being deliberated in several other venues, the decision is part of a legal dispute that puts patients in the 36 states offering federal exchanges in limbo.

Healthcare reform lawsuits continue

With just days before the enrollment deadline, courts are pulsing with legal opposition to heatlhcare reform insurance subsidies.

HHS extends insurance deadline

The March 31 deadline for health insurance is not the be-all-and-end-all, while a survey found that 50% of the uninsured intend to stay that way.

HHS releases exchange enrollment data

The program has yet to reach magnet status among cheaper, youthful patients.

Business briefs: Lilly, Novartis, Activartis, plus policy news

Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim submit a glargine biosimilar to the EMA; Novartis pipeline claims an Enbrel-superior treatment; Activartis med gets orphan drug status; generics makers may have to pay more attention to labels; Administration tweaks healthcare reform implementation over the long weekend.

Researchers spot $213B of wasteful drug spending

Researchers spot $213B of wasteful drug spending


For a country bent on healthcare cost control, findings represent an opportunity: authors say nearly 8% of the nation's total outlay could have been avoided.

Business Briefs: Amgen and Astellas; GSK; Teva; Novo; Livestrong

Amgen and Astellas team up to take on Japan; GSK acquires Swiss vaccine developer's innovative platform; Ireland makes generic switches easier; Novo backs wet AMD therapy; Nike ditches Livestrong

FDA widens scope of DTC impact survey


The agency is revisiting the impact DTC advertising can have on healthcare. What's new: NPs and PAs are being asked for input.

The year ahead: A Capitol bit of crystal ball-gazing

From FDA and pharma, to Caronia and off-label communication, three healthcare policy experts offer their take on what 2013 holds in store.

Voting with their wallets, pharmas say no thanks to change

Voting with their wallets, pharmas say no thanks to change


Barack Obama edged Mitt Romney in fundraising from pharmas in the 2012 election, even as the industry favored Republicans in other contests. Were change-weary drug companies voting for the status quo?

Stryker layoffs blamed on Obamacare tax


No sector of the healthcare industry is rooting harder for the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act completely tomorrow than are medical device companies, which are bracing themselves for a substantial excise tax on their revenues that takes effect next year under the law.

In PhRMA-White House emails, little sizzle, less scandal

In PhRMA-White House emails, little sizzle, less scandal


Congressional Republicans are trumpeting a cache of emails that give a glimpse into how the White House's deal with the pharma industry on healthcare reform came together. There's not much 'there' there, but there are some titillating glimpses into the legislative sausage factory.

Congress takes a stab at IPAB


Congressional Republicans -- and even a few Democrats -- are pressing the attack on the Independent Payment Advisory Board for Medicare, a part of the Affordable Care Act opposed by both PhRMA and the AMA.

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