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Best Branded Website
Best Branded Website

Recognizes excellence for websites promoting specific branded products and services (

Havas Worldwide Tonic and Sanofi US


Given that Apidra is third in the fast-acting insulin category, the agency needed to create a highly engaging site to help drive new prescriptions among Type 2 diabetes patients.

Judges applauded the site for  providing a “great navigation experience,” presenting complex information clearly, and working well on the iPad.

Primary targets are Type 2 patients who are considering, or about to begin or re-start Rapid Analog Insulin (RAI). Apidra users struggling with compliance are also targeted.

“For many patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, mealtime suddenly goes from a source of pleasure to a chore,” the agency noted. “Our challenge was to create a program to help them enjoy eating again, and to provide the cooking and shopping guidance they need in an entertaining, relatable way.”

Content includes a meal planner as well as guides to navigating grocery stores, controlling portions and eating healthfully at parties. Visitors can sign up for mealtime email messages, watch “Cook Off” videos and submit recipes to be remade in a diabetes-friendly way by registered dietitians.

Other tools include support from Certified Diabetes Educators, webinars with instructions for using Apidra, HCP discussion guides, a BMI calculator, a blood sugar log and a savings program. A free GoMeals app covering thousands of restaurant menu items is also available.

“Well done all around,” said one judge. “Strong brand equity play,” said another, “and it provided advantages of individual brand and devices.”

Klick Health and Acorda Therapeutics Consumer Site is doing an outstanding job educating MS patients about Amypyra, a treatment for related walking difficulties, and of driving doctor discussion and trial.   

Judges found the site “motivating” and strongly connected to patients.

“The common-question section ranked by number clicked is very innovative,” noted one judge.

Results are impressive. Within the last year they include more than 270,000 unique visitors (28% return traffic rate). Unique eCRM registrations increased by 5,919.

The Finalists

• Havas Worldwide Tonic and -Astellas—Pipe People Campaign

• Havas Worldwide and Sanofi US—

• Giant Creative Strategy and Neutrogena—NeutrogenaMD Healthcare Professional Website

• Intouch Solutions and Alkermes— Consumer & HCP Website

• Klick Health and Acorda Theurapeutics— Consumer Site

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