DAS buys two international agencies

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It's been a busy few weeks for the Adelphi unit of Omnicom's Diversified Agency Services (DAS) as the sub-holding company gobbled up two international agencies.
DAS houses all of Omnicom's non-mainline advertising businesses, including its healthcare units, and Adelphi constitutes “a group of businesses that provide multiperspective healthcare solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.” The division acquired Cologne-based healthcare communications firm Face to Face GmbH, and Excerpta Medica, the Amsterdam-based medical communications agency.
DAS bought Excerpta from Elsevier and will operate it as an independent business, with offices in Amsterdam, New Jersey and London. The acquisition, said DAS chief Tom Harrison, will give DAS greater reach in global pitches. “For years, I've admired the work and reputation of Excerpta Medica. This has always been a best in class company,” said Harrison.
Face to Face GbH will also be a part of Adelphi, which “will extend the service capabilities of Face to Face into market research and strategic communications.” Adelphi announced the launch of a new German domestic market research agency, Adelphi Germany, in July.
Adelphi CEO Stuart Cooper called Face to Face “a singularly creative and innovative company in the healthcare agency space.” DAS is looking outside of healthcare for acquisitions as well. The division acquired UK shop The Core.
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