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Game-changing companies
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Company Profile

Concentric Health Experience is a modern, solution-based agency that builds contemporary health and ­wellness brands.

The company is a partner-led, global boutique agency with more than 130 employees worldwide, operating in markets from New York and London. At heart, ­Concentric builds solutions that enable the integration of the promotional ecosystem within a behavioral adoption model, favorably impacting health experiences by uncovering the unique customer insights that motivate behavior along the healthcare journey.

The range of brands we promote includes everything from nutrition, bowel prep users, and cancer treatments to skin lotions and bio-smart devices. We don't just see these as products, however; we see them as a means to a perceptual shift within users, each representing a stepping stone on a path to a healthier future—a “health experience,” if you will.

We believe health and wellness is the driving force behind life's experiences, and our purpose is to design human-centered brands that increase customer engagement, enhance the personal experience, and improve health.

What will be the game-changing trend over the next five years?

The game-changer will be ­understanding the unique variables that drive health ­experiences —from where people live to the challenges they face­—and leveraging digital and social technology to make experiences better. For ­example, Concentric created a social ­movement to raise awareness and activate donations for Zimbabwe's Rimbi Clinic, whose ability to serve rural areas was crippled after losing its only ambulance. Concentric sponsored the purchase of a new ambulance while helping the clinic continue to deliver a “health experience,” ensuring that everyone from women with childbirth complications to snake-bite victims continued to receive care.

Going forward, changing the health experience for the better will mean changing it in unexpected places.

Address 175 Varick St., 9th Floor, New York, NY 10014 Phone 212-633-9700 Website www.­ New Business Contact Ross Quinn, Managing Partner / / 917-546-4406 Year Founded 2002  ­Employees 130 Holding ­Company MDC Partners Sample Clients Agile, ­Allergan, ABPI, Guerbet, ­GenePeeks, Ferring, Helsinn, J&J, LEO, Lundbeck, Medtronic Vascular, Novartis, Otsuka, Onset Dermatologics, Pfizer, Roche Global, Rouses Point, Serono, Sunovion, Theravance and Walmart Office Locations New York, London

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