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Game-changing companies
Game-changing companies

JUICE Pharma Worldwide

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Company Profile

JUICE Pharma Worldwide is a full-service, creative-­strategic communications company specializing in healthcare professional, patient, and consumer promotion. An owner-operated, independent agency offering its clients “the entrepreneurial advantage”—customized, inspired, business-building solutions ­unencumbered by the demands of a parent holding company.

Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve, harnessing the power of emerging technologies and content marketing strategies that inspire real-world behavior change. Big Data drives our insights and our entrepreneurial spirit provides the flexibility to quickly touch each digitally ­defining moment.

JUICE has empowered some of healthcare's biggest brand launches, and we've partnered to reignite the ­effectiveness and legacy of established products. Our digital experts provide the thought leadership that clients have learned to rely on. Through EMERGE—the agency's Center of Excellence designed to accelerate the integration and adoption of new media in pharma—JUICE  provides progressive clients with the opportunity to capitalize on digital advances in support of their brands. EMERGE ­explores emerging trends and technologies that can break through the clutter, and effectively reach and ­motivate customers into action. Whether it's helping brands launch a worldwide developer's challenge or ­integrating with EHRs throughout Latin America, EMERGE aims to create uncontested digital channels that meet even the most ambitious marketing goals.

Services and Offerings

• Digital Strategy and Analytics
• Content Marketing
• User-Experience Design and Consulting
• Mobile Platform Development
• iPad Sales Platforms
• Website Development
• Interactive Video
• Gamification
• RM Programs
• Multimedia Conventions
• Social Media Monitoring
• 3D/MOA/MOD Animation
• Augmented Reality
• Studio JUICE—In-house video production

What will be the game-changing trend over the next five years?

The trend toward consuming more and more information in short form on mobile devices will only accelerate. Traditional ­marketing is rapidly giving way to unbranded or lightly branded content marketing, using social ­media and other channels to draw the ­consumer into the conversation. The explosion in video content is already making “traditional” digital marketing—mainly websites—much less relevant.  To borrow from Marshall McLuhan's terminology, video is a truly “hot” media, ­immediate, ­absorbing, and shareable. The added dimensions of more-sophisticated interactive video will accelerate its appeal and usefulness. It's predicted that in 2014 mobile will surpass online as the way people consume information. The personal connection to our ­mobile devices makes communications intimate, immediate, and connected to our emotional and psychological well-being as no channel has ever done before.

Address 322 8th Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10001 Phone 212-647-1595 ­Website ­ New Business Contact Anne Davison, SVP, Business Development,, 212-524-7210 Year ­founded 2002 Number of employees 130 Parent ­Company JUICE Global ­Network Sample clients Acorda, Bayer, BI, BMS, Leo Pharma, Merck, ­National Hemophilia Foundation, Novartis, ProPharma, Vertex Office locations New York and San Francisco

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