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Game-changing companies
Game-changing companies

LDM Group

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Company Profile

LDM Group, LLC (LDM) is a leading provider of behavior based prescription management programs. We provide timely and clinically relevant healthcare messaging through a patented process that serves to improve patient compliance and outcomes, while preserving privacy. As a targeted healthcare communications company, LDM connects prescribers, pharmacists, and patients. LDM's network is made up of e-prescribing, electronic medical record (EMR), and electronic health record (EHR) applications, chain and independent pharmacies, and sponsors of healthcare-related educational materials such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans, payors, and PBM's.

We take pride in delivering solutions that:

• Are delivered in workflow through the trusted healthcare professional thus building better provider-patient relations
• Allow for a configurable solution that adapts to specific protocols to support consistent and reliable outcomes
• Provide customized patient education and engagement programs that help meet Meaningful Use and ACO requirements
• Ensure multiple delivery methods for patients based on patient preferences (print, email, SMS, etc.)

Services and Offerings

Accessing the Health Care Professional (HCP) and empowering patients has never been easier with LDM Group's suite of products.

• PhysicianCare™
• ScriptGuide®
• eCopay®
• eCopay Advantage®
• PharmacistCare™
• CarePoints®

What will be the game-changing trend over the next five years?

We see three trends converging to create a sea change in life science marketing.  

First, the move from fee for service to outcomes based reimbursement will encourage HCPs to select therapies for the total value they deliver. This means that the support programs manufacturers offer, such as those that promote adherence, will become increasingly important.

Next, the continued digitization of the HCP ­office—led by the rapid widespread growth and continued enhancements of EHRs—will transform the way HCPs both learn and ­educate their patients.

And finally, the empowerment of patients with respect to their health will mean that engaging them like never before will be critical to achieving desired health outcomes and success for all providers and life science companies.  LDM Group is proud to offer services and solutions that help HCPs, patients and our clients make the most of each of these trends.

Address 10845 Olive Boulevard, Suite 308, St Louis, MO 63141 Phone 314-567-0551 Website Sales Contact Jeff Wiltrout, SVP Sales & Marketing, ­ or, 314-567-0551 ­Office Locations St. Louis, MO and Blue Bell, PA

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