InVentiv to buy SDI audits from IMS

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Privately held inVentiv Health is acquiring two of SDI Health's audit businesses worth under $15 million, firms said.

The units, which inVentiv is buying from IMS Health, were put up for sale in October following IMS's agreement to purchase SDI and at the behest of federal regulators looking to preserve competition. The businesses will be incorporated into the market research and analytics group of inVentiv Health's Campbell Alliance biopharma management consulting unit.

“This is an important step in boosting inVentiv's capabilities in market research and analytics,” said Paul Meister, CEO, inVentiv Health.

 IMS Health's acquisition of SDI was consummated October 31. Its parent company, Healthcare Technology Holdings, then moved to divest the SDI product lines. Financial terms were not disclosed, but IMS says that under the two businesses are 11 data products that represent less than $15 million, or about 10% of SDI's 2011 revenue.
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