Media Choice

Marc Hirsch, MD, Eye Physician Associates, Milwaukee, WI 

My favorite medical journal is Ophthalmology, the journal sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. It's got a lot of clinically relevant topics and it's peer-reviewed, so I think it's free of bias to some extent. Among  peer-reviewed journals, this one has more clinically relevant research, where I've found that the other journals have more bench research. I have been reading the journal since 1999, almost exclusively in print, and I have kept every issue. I focus on anything that's related to the cornea—because that's my background—as well as cataract surgery and glaucoma. Ophthalmology also helps me do my job better because of its large case studies, which a lot of the time can help me figure out the best treatment for first-line glaucoma. In addition, this journal helps me pick up new treatment options.


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