Weber Shandwick goes high science with specialty shop

Laura Schoen
Laura Schoen

Weber Shandwick is launching a high-science shop, dubbed Element Scientific Communications.

The  New York-based shop is opening with 20-plus former scientists and science writers in the US, Europe and Asia, including 14 PhDs and MDs, along with several MBAs and former science writers and reporters. It will be led by  Weber Shandwick veteran Frank Orrico, who said the shop will “transform scientific breakthroughs into meaningful stories that engage stakeholders, shape perceptions and change behaviors.” Most of its US business will be in PR, while its ex-US accounts will offer such services as med ed and grant writing.

“Until now, our science comms specialists have primarily, though not exclusively, worked within the healthcare practice,” said Orrico. “With Element Scientific Communications, we are looking to expand our resources, increase collaborations across practice groups  and broaden our engagement with high-science organizations.”

Laura Schoen, president of global healthcare at the firm, said: “Element Scientific communications is a unique asset for Weber Shandwick that will allow us to speak the language and articulate the value of client initiatives on the leading edge of scientific discovery. Science has been a cornerstone of our healthcare practice for more than a decade, and clients often cite scientific expertise as one of the biggest differentiators for Weber Shandwick. With Element Scientific Communications, we will focus additional resources on integrating and expanding our leadership in this area.”

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