Conference Agenda (Subject to change)

  8:00am  -    9:00am
  9:10am  -    9:15am

Can Pharma adopt a hacker mentality?

Speaker: Marc Iskowitz, Editor in Chief, MM&M

  9:15am  -    9:55am

Rapid innovation and Big Pharma: Not an oxymoron

Speaker: Michele Polz, Head of Patient Insights, Global Commercial Strategy, Biogen

  9:55am   10:15am

Session: Inspiring the Future 40

Moderator: Matt Brown, CEO, Guidemark Health


Shwen Gwee, Associate Director, (Global) Digital Customer Engagement, Biogen

Melissa Mackey, Head, Social Media CoE, U.S. Digital Medicines, Novartis

Amanda Sheldon, Director, Digital Marketing and Communications, Medtronic Diabetes

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10:15am  -  10:35am

Beyond the Pill: The Product is a Commodity, The Experience is Your Differentiator

Speaker: Drew Miller, Creative Director, frog design

10:35am  -  10:55am

Navigating Pharma internal: Setting up a framework for risk to occur and failure to happen

Speaker: Ingo Elfering, CIO, Indivior (formerly Reckitt Benckiser Pharma)

 10:55am  -  11:10am
Coffee Break
11:10am  -    11:40am

"Intelligent Connections' Discussion: Bridging the chasm between healthcare startups and pharma marketers


Michael Coffey, Marketing Manager of Strategy and Innovation, North America, Roche

Charles "Chuck" Gershman, Founder, President and COO, Kuveda, Inc.

Vanessa Rath Menton, Assistant Director of Oncology Marketing, Astellas Pharmaceuticals

Brandon Seeyle, Marketing Product Manager, Medivation

Amanda Sheldon, Director, Digital Marketing and Communications, Medtronic Diabetes

David Weingard, CEO, Fit4D

11:40am  -   12:00pm

Consumer expectations in a regulated market: The wearable experience

Speaker: Nirav "Rav" Sheth, Director of Market Development, Medical, MC10

 12:00pm  -  12:50pm

Session: The patient view on transformation: empathy, education and empowerment


MarlaJan DeFusco BSN, RN, CPN, Lupus Health Activist, & Author, Luck Fupus Blog

Jill McNair, Director of Education, Outreach and Community Support, CISCRP

Dr. Navarra Rodriguez, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, AdvantageCare Physicians

Lita Sands, Former Global Head, Digital Transformation, Novartis

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 12:50pm  -  1:40pm
  1:40pm  -      2:25pm

Battle of the Big Ideas: "Big Ideas for the Next 10 Years"


Ayman Chit, Senior Director, Sanofi Pasteur

Andy DiSimone, Director of Digital, StartUp Health

Peter Frishauf, Director, Context Matters Inc., Founder, and past CEO & Chairman, Medscape

Paul Magill, Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company

Melissa Manice, CEO and Co-founder, CoheroHealth

Joe Shields, Global Director, Digital Strategy, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

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   2:25pm  -    2:45pm

Precision Medicine: Beyond the President's State of the Union

Speaker: Dan Renick, Co-President and CCO, Precision for Medicine

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  2:45pm  -      3:05pm

Panel: Inter-generational executive summit: CEOs, Partners and Leaders of established and new health-tech firms compare notes 


Melissa Manice, CEO and Co-founder, CoheroHealth

Meg Columbia Walsh, 2014 Luminary at HBA (Healthcare Business Women's Association); Partner, Global Lead of Digital Innovation and Marketing Excellence, Ernst & Young

Josh Stein, CEO & Co-founder, AdhereTech

Benjamin Wolin, CEO & Co-founder, Everyday Health

  3:05pm  -     3:25pm

What is a business model and how do you sell it?


Tom Kottler, CEO and Co-Founder, HealthPrize Technologies

Jack Barrett, CEO, WEGO Health

Larry Brooks, Director, Business Innovation: Digital Health, Boehringer Ingelheim

  3:25pm  -   3:40pm   Afternoon Break  
    3:40pm  -      4:20pm

Brainstorm Sessions

Session 1: Are we cut out to be healthcare service providers?

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Session 2: Where do wearables fit into Pharma's overall business strategy?

Session 3: Is adherence a driver of value?

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    4:20pm  - 4:45pm  

Brainstorm Recap Session

    4:45pm  -  5:20pm  

Pharma's Digital Disconnect: What's Slowing Marketing Innovation and How Organizations can Push Forward

Speaker: Monique Levy, Vice President, Research, Manhattan Research

   5:20pm  - 5:30pm  

Closing Remarks

    5:30pm  -     6:30pm  

Transforming Healthcare Cocktail Reception

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