Pfizer teams up with Alzheimer's foundation

Pfizer's academic research arm will work together with the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation to jointly invest in scientific research to identify clinical candidates for testing.

J&J inks Alzheimer's vaccine deal

The $509-million agreement gives J&J rights to AC Immune's experimental anti-Tau vaccine.

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Wednesday, December 3

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Wednesday, December 3

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An Italian court backs the anti-trust's stand that Novartis and Roche colluded in Lucentis marketing; AstraZeneca is the test case for the court's new interpretation of pay-for-delay; early-stage results prompt Biogen Idec to take its experimental Alzheimer's treatment to Phase-III.

Alzheimer's study to use healthy patients

Novartis and the nonprofit Banner Alzheimer's Institutes are testing a theory that treating healthy patients could prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease.

Study links Actos with delayed dementia

German healthcare data from 2004 through 2010 across a data set that included 146,000 patients shows dementia surfaced later among Actos patients.

Study finds Alzheimer's misunderstood

Study finds Alzheimer's misunderstood


An Alzheimer's Association survey finds 59% think the degenerative disease is just part of aging.

Games may not improve memory

The NYT reports that the data on gaming long-term memory is inconclusive.

Alzheimer's bigger cause of death than thought

Researchers say death certificates erroneously account for only the immediate cause of death, leading to a poor accounting of deaths caused by the memory-robbing disease.

Biogen, Eisai in Alzheimer's pact

Biogen Idec and Eisai said they will collaborate on and co-market two of Eisai's clinical candidates for Alzheimer's disease.

Big Pharma puts $250M towards disease collaboration

Ten pharma companies will share money and biomarker research under an NIH collaboration.

Lundbeck, Otsuka collborate on Alzheimer's

Vaccine LU AF20513 is the their third Alzheimer's collaboration.

Eleven genes linked to Alzheimer's

The NIH says the insight could inspire new ways to tackle the brain-destroying disease.

Can we handle cost of a healthy, aging population?

Can we handle cost of a healthy, aging population?


The short answer: we're not financially prepared for a slowly aging, healthy population, according to a recently published analysis.

Business briefs: Sanofi, Alzheimer's, and healthcare reform news


Sanofi has to provide more Aubagio data to the UK's NICE; healthcare reform's sixes and sevens; NIH puts money toward Alzheimer's research

Study shoots down AD drug class in mild patients


Researches say cognitive enhancers, a group which includes drugs like Aricept and Exelon, fail to slow decline in patients with Alzheimer's over the long term.

Business briefs: inVentiv, Novo, Bayer, Purdue

inVentiv launches new policy shop; early test shows Novo's Victoza may have Alzheimer's future; Bayer joins the list of China's scrutinized pharma companies; a Chicago bar gives Purdue unwanted attention

Business briefs: Takeda, Sangamo, Catalyst, plus seniors and insurance

Takeda moves an Alzheimer's treatment to Phase III; Sangamo acquires Ceregene; Catalyst gets breakthrough designation for auto-immune disorder drug; study says seniors likely to opt out of health insurance

"Sensor you swallow" passes psych test

"Sensor you swallow" passes psych test


Proteus Digital Health's ingestible sensor shows utility as an adherence tool for those on psych meds, a study suggests.

Elan's beyond-the-plaque Alzheimer's med gets fast-tracked


Elan's strategy: focus on agitation and aggression associated with the disease.

Business briefs: Lundbeck/Otsuka, Abbott, Merck

Lundbeck and Otsuka prime Alzheimer's med for Phase III trials; Abbott reports Q2 results; and an FDA panel shrugs off Merck's muscle relaxant for another day.

Amyvid tracer figures in Lilly's latest solanezumab trial


The drug maker's third round of testing will focus on mild Alzheimer's patients. Candidates must test positive for beta amyloid.

Lilly Alzheimer's tracer fails to win CMS support

Lilly Alzheimer's tracer fails to win CMS support


The drug maker asked CMS to approve its Amyvid PET tracer for Medicare beneficiaries, but CMS declined, saying in a draft decision that widespread use would be of little value.

Business briefs: Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, Merck

Analysts say Novo Nordisk's Victoza should brace for Eli Lilly competition; Lilly halts an Alzheimer's study; and Japan reverses its HPV vaccination stance.

Business briefs: Baxter; Eli Lilly; CDHPs and Statins

Baxter's Alzheimer's treatment is out of the running; Eli Lilly has upped its layoffs; insured consumers are spending less on healthcare; stains and prostate cancer may have an amicable relationship; doctors aren't screening teens for HIV.

Business Briefs: AstraZeneca, Amgen, BMS and Merck

AstraZeneca cuts a deal with OCB to test unnamed cancer drug; an Enbrel biosimilar launches in India; BMS and Santaris seal an mRNA tech deal; Merck expands its China presence; Alzheimer's advocacy group parents a spin-off.

Lilly digs deeper into Alzheimer's

Lilly digs deeper into Alzheimer's


The company has licensed two tracers that will be used in its anti-amyloid and anti-tau research, and its still-breathing solanezumab binds to beta-amyloid proteins

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