Antidote: Are e-cigarettes safe?

The pros and cons of e-cigarettes

Antidote: On DNA testing for cancer

We are reaching an exciting new time in medicine when genetics will play a major role in predicting and treating disease

Antidote: On Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is a feel-good drug that is just too easy to overuse. We need to keep track of how much we take before we become yet another statistic.

Antidote: Novartis strikes a blow against bacterial meningitis

A new vaccine from Novartis, Bexsero, is a safe and effective tool against the strain of bacterial meningitis that caused a recent outbreak at Princeton.

Antidote: The Glove

A device known as "The Glove" will be able to beam an EKG to any doctor anywhere.

Antidote: Mixed messages on e-cigarettes

Sorting out the good and bad about e-cigarettes

Antidote: Copper and Dementia

A new study about copper's role as a possible contributing factor in the development of Alzeheimer's Disease has come in just below the media radar, despite its obvious importance


E-cigarettes, battery-operated devices which provide nicotine vapor, are a promising tool to help people stop smoking

Antidote: On cancer and CD47

CD47 is one story that the media may have gotten right.

Antidote: Zithromax

The media's hyperbolic reaction to an FDA warning on Zithromax manages to both unduly frighten patients and skirt the real problem—the overuse of antibiotics

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