AstraZeneca airs "consuming" consumer for Seroquel XR bipolar depression

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AstraZeneca airs "consuming" consumer for Seroquel XR bipolar depression
AstraZeneca airs "consuming" consumer for Seroquel XR bipolar depression
AstraZeneca launched the first consumer TV and print ads for Seroquel XR for bipolar depression, playing on the all-consuming way in which patients experience the disease.

The ads, by Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, feature the tagline “Bipolar depression doesn't just affect you – it can consume you,” along with visuals depicting sufferers fading into backgrounds like chameleons. The messaging is based on an emotional consumer insight, AstraZeneca said, noting that when symptomatic, people with bipolar disorder may experience depressive symptoms more than three times longer than manic symptoms, interfering with daily activities.

A 90-second TV ad will run regionally on network, syndication and cable TV for the remainder of the year, then go national in 2010. Print ads are running in national publications.

In addition, the brand is running a “robust” digital effort including display media and search engine marketing, along with banners on lifestyle sites, health portals and niche mental health sites like HealthyPlace, RealMentalHealth and the Glispa Network of Menatl Health. Homepage “roadblocks” are running through December on the sites of Yahoo, Fox News, The New York Times and ABC. Digitas Health handles digital assignments on the brand.

The sustained release formula of the drug won FDA approval for the treatment of bipolar depression and bipolar mania in October, 2008. The atypical antipsychotic is also indicated for schizophrenia and major depressive disorder.

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