At Work With: Michelle Keefe

COO, Publicis Touchpoint Solutions

Michelle Keefe
Michelle Keefe

Q: What was your biggest break?

When my long-time mentor and champion, Rick Keefer, recruited me to join Touchpoint as COO. 

Q: Did college prepare you for your career?

I went to college at Seton Hall University and graduated with a BA in marketing. My college experience was great preparation for my career. 

Q: What books are you reading?

Basically, anything by Malcolm Gladwell is on my reading list. Right now: David and Goliath.

Q: What would your own book's title be?

Don't Let Opportunity Pass You By: Be Your Own Advocate. Early in my career, I thought that asking for something was brash and egocentric. 

Q: Where will you be in five years?

My intention is to be here at Touchpoint, having led the continued expansion and growth of our business. Touchpoint has enjoyed an over-20% compound annual growth rate for the past six years under the leadership of my predecessor and mentor, Rick Keefer.


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