Back Talk: Who's Aiming for the Feet?

That 700% price hike created an issue that threatens years of pharma progress

Back Talk: Hail to the . . . CEO?

Back Talk: Is Cost Myopia Unfocused?

Before you fire up your outrage and vent your spleen, take a long look inside your parents' (or your own) medicine chest

Leadership and Truth

In Jack Welch's view, one of the worst mistakes a manager can make is . . .

Back Talk: In a Jam? Do the Right Thing

A textbook example of a firm doing the right thing in a crisis: J&J's decisive crisis management saved a brand

Who Will Pay the Piper?

Robbing pharma to pay Senator Pothole will not encourage innovation

Back Talk: Eyes up, I'm talking to you!

Your move? Lean in and make eye contact. Show that you care

Back Talk: Lonely at the top?

Being in charge does not mean that you need to make every decision

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