Back Talk

How About a Moon Shot for Orphan Diseases?

You can see it everywhere: on TV and in newspapers and ads. The decades of struggle against cancer are paying off.

Moving Forward — Without the Promotion

Until now, your superiors have promoted you. Now it's your responsibility to show why you belong.

Why are We Still Shortchanging Women in the Workplace?

Why would any CEO tolerate a corporate culture that holds people back?

Zika Crisis Stresses Need for Pharma Industry

When pharmaceutical companies are needed, we're Jonas Salks; when we ask to be paid, we're Martin Shkrelis.

Right-to-Try Laws Take Sensible Approach to Reforming FDA Rules

The regulator's reliance on double-blind, placebo-controlled trials with exhaustive inclusion and exclusion criteria is incompatible with today's precision medicine.

Your PharmaScope 2016

If we don't clean up our act and do something about predatory pricing scandals, we'll wind up with Washington bureaucrats telling us what we can charge for our products.

A Company's Culture Begins on Day One

If we were going to be one of a kind, we needed a staff that understood and had lived through what our clients were facing.

A Faster FDA Approval Rate Key to Price Debate

Apparently, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel loves to open his window and shout "fire!"

Back Talk: Who's Aiming for the Feet?

That 700% price hike created an issue that threatens years of pharma progress


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