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Bigger Than
Bigger Than

Rewards the best series of ads for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any consumer magazine or newspaper.


• CDMiConnect and ­Genentech for “Romance” (Rituxan)

• Digitas Health and UCB for “Go Beyond Okay” (Vimpat)

• Draftfcb–NY and Thermo Fisher Scientific for “Know Where They Stand” (uKnow peanut test)

• GSW and Stryker for “Stryker GetAroundKnee Print Campaign”

• Healthwork Powered by BBDO & CDMi and Genentech for “Bigger Than” (Tamiflu)

Healthwork Powered by BBDO & CDMi and ­Genentech
Bigger Than

This campaign brilliantly illustrates the key insight that “There's no such thing as a little flu” by showing giant-sized flu sufferers dwarfing their household surroundings.

The play on proportion is arresting and powerful, and judges loved it.

“Great advertising that identifies with the consumer,” said one judge.

“A great use of humor,” a second judge noted.

The objective was to drive lasting brand equity for Tamiflu as a prescription flu treatment and prompt consumers to call a doctor as soon as symptoms occur.

“Nearly half of consumers don't know that there is a prescription solution for the flu and others wait so long to go to the doctor that it becomes too late to treat,” the agency explained. “For the Tamiflu ‘Bigger Than' campaign we targeted ‘Good Citizens,' consumers that are engaged, practical and pro-active. They are pro-active about today, tomorrow and the road ahead. In short, Good Citizens do the right thing.”

A third judge praised the campaign's “excellent alignment of visual and strategy.”

Results were outstanding. Genentech more than doubled the media buy given the campaign's initial success, and projected sales volume of Tamiflu for 2012 more than doubled.

CDMiConnect and ­Genentech

To illustrate how Genentech's Rituxan can help rheumatoid arthritis patients return to activities they love, the Romance effort shows them embracing representations of the activities.

Judges praised the campaign, which they said “steers clear of pharma-formulaic.”

BRC response has exceeded projections, and 71% of all responses are qualified.

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