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Cline Davis & Mann Princeton and Janssen Pharmaceutica
Risperdal Consta “Why Wait” Journal Ad

Janssen introduced Risperdal Consta, the first injectable atypical antipsychotic treatment for schizophrenia, in 2003. The agency reports that physicians viewed it as a last resort for patients who failed on multiple oral treatments and suffered numerous relapses. The objective was to convey an urgent need to prescribe Risperdal Consta not only as a last resort, but as a next option for partially adherent patients.

Judges agreed that the ad, which shows the back of a man sweeping the floor in front of him as a huge fissure in the floor behind him is approaching, presented the best of the disease state representations in this category.

“It may seen like simple imagery but the cracking floor coming up from behind the patient evokes a very emotional experience,” noted one judge. “You wan to protect this patient from their condition as best as possible.”

The objective of conveying urgency and getting physicians to think about how what's best for patients was powerfully accomplished here.

“The ad portrays the insidious nature of the threat faced by patients in one arresting image that worked uniformly well across all media,” the agency said. “The phrase “Why Wait?” poses a gentle challenge to physicians, encouraging them to reflect upon how a change in their current prescribing behavior with regard to Risperdal Consta might better serve patients.”

AbelsonTaylor and Zimmer
“Dressed for Success”-Zimmer M/L Taper Hip with Kinectiv TechnologyAbelson Taylor highlighted the personalized fit of Zimmer's hip replacement device by depicting various sizes and shapes of its modular neck dressed in different clothing and accessories. Judges called the ad's “hip crowd” of characters “simply fun” and “funny and memorable.”

AbelsonTaylor and Zimmer
“All Knee Drive”-Zimmer LPS-Flex Mobile Bearing Knee

The ad shows a man running on a varied terrain, illustrating benefits of the knee implant's unique “anterior pivot” and plays on auto ads that tout an SUV's ability to adapt to all terrains. “Very creative approach to communicating the unique advantages of this device,” noted one judge.
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