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Best Individual Professional Print Advertisement
Best Individual Professional Print Advertisement
GSW Worldwide and Dyax
When the Body Attacks Itself Launch

This team used exceptionally powerful visuals to introduce Kalbitor, a new biologic therapy for hereditary angioedema (HAE). HAE is a genetic disorder that causes attacks of dramatic internal and external inflammation in various areas of the body. It's disfiguring, painful and can be fatal if the breathing passages are affected. The ads visually represent the attacks through photo real images showing hands that are visible underneath the skin in the act of seizing various parts of the body.

“The drama in this ad is powerful,” said one judge. “I completely understand what this patient is feeling.”

Another judge praised the effort for its “great stopping power.”

Allergists and immunologists were targeted. The objective was to “own the HAE attack” and create awareness of Kalbitor. The agency sought to “reach the target audience with placements that would maximize the stopping power of the imagery.”

The agency also explained that HAE attacks last about four days. Attack frequency and location are unpredictable. Kalbitor reduces attacks within a few hours.

Dyax is focused on advancing novel biotherapeutics for unmet medical needs, with an emphasis on inflammatory and oncology indications. Kalbitor is the company's first product. It was approved in February in the US. “The ad has just reached the marketplace and is becoming a positive discussion point when reps visit the docs,” the agency said.  “Dyax reports that the commercial launch of Kalbitor is on track to meet or exceed all expectations.”

CDM Princeton and Shire

Intuniv is a non-stimulant ADHD treatment entering a crowded market where stimulants are the preferred treatment. The ads show a child in a monster suit holding the head of the costume at his side, thus revealing his sweet face emerging from the monster body. The ad very effectively establishes that ADHD symptoms can be disruptive to children and families, and that Intuniv is a new treatment option. “A very clever way of exemplifying the problem in an approachable manner,” remarked one judge.

The Finalists
  • AbelsonTaylor and Takeda—Dexilant (formerly Kapidex)
  • CDM Princeton and Shire—Intuniv
  • GSW Worldwide and Dyax—When the Body Attacks Itself Launch
  • LehmanMillet and Abbott Nutrition—Absorbing Science
  • Wishbone-ITP and Cardi-Net—Tree
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