Best Individual Professional Print Advertisement

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Best Individual Professional Print Advertisement
Best Individual Professional Print Advertisement

Recognizes creative excellence for a single print ad for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any medical journal or periodical.

LehmanMillet and Dune Medical Devices
Simplify the Story

Founded in 2002, Dune Medical Devices has offices in the US, Israel and Switzerland. The MarginProbe System, which delivers real-time cancer detection in the operating room, is the company's first offering. It's currently in clinical trials at 18 centers in the United States.

LehmanMillet created a campaign to introduce the system to breast surgeons. Dune Medical Devices' website notes that surgeons face the question of whether or not they've removed all cancerous tissue, and must balance the imperative towards aggressive treatment with the desire to conserve tissue. The MarginProbe System provides an immediate assessment of cancer on the excised tissue's margin, reducing doubt and the likelihood of a second surgery.

The ad has a visual of hornets surrounding a nest hanging from a branch, all but one inside two white circles. The copy says the circles represent removal of the breast lesion—“You removed the breast lesion”—and the appropriate margin—“You removed it with an appropriate margin.”  The hornet outside the circles connects to copy reading “But how do you remove doubts that you got all the cancer?”

“Images outline the danger that lies in the periphery and positions MarginProbe as the tool to see beyond the obvious,” explained the agency.

“Provocative visual and thoughtful copy,” noted one judge. Another also decribed the ad as provocative, while a third applauded the team for a “great visual” and a “good symbol” that's “very scary.”

AbelsonTaylor and Takeda Canada
Stomach Switches Spread

This ad features a steel stomach covered in on- and off-switches. It helped set the stage for the Canadian launch of Dexilant, a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) with a unique dual delayed-release formulation for acid reflux disease. The image relays the idea of proton-pump activation, effectively grabbing the attention of gastroenterologists and PCPs and differentiating Dexilant, which was the seventh PPI to enter the Canadian market. “Outstanding visual execution,” said one judge. “Excellent stopping power,” noted another.


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• LehmanMillet and Dune ­Medical Devices—Simplify the Story

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