Best Interactive Initiative for Healthcare Professionals

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Best Interactive Initiative for Healthcare Professionals
Best Interactive Initiative for Healthcare Professionals

Recognizes excellence for interactive initiatives targeting healthcare professionals, such as interactive visual aids, tablet PC programs, e-detailing, video-simulation, interactive sales training, e-CME, CRM programs, mobile and gaming.

Saatchi & Saatchi Health ­Communications and AstraZeneca
Seroquel XR 2010 APA Convention

Judges loved the booth experience Saatchi & Saatchi Health Communications created at the 2010 APA convention in New Orleans to engage HCPs and position Seroquel XR as an efficacious treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD) and for bipolar depression.

“Meet the Experts” presentations were conducted in a lounge enclosed by glass panels. Images of guitar strings were projected onto the exterior of the lounge. When visitors “plucked” the strings, videos launched on the glass wall.

“Amazing use of technology,” noted one judge, while a second exclaimed, “Wow!”

The booth's theme was “A New Note in Antidepressant Therapy,” which the agency said provided an approach that enabled physicians to connect with the data on a deeper level, given the connection between music, feelings and mood.

“The patient videos were shot using three HD digital cameras, each recording a different point of view,” the agency said. “Viewers could ­selectively pluck the strings and seamlessly change the viewing angle. This novel viewing approach allowed customers to virtually create a unique brand experience.”

A third judge complimented the presentation's “rich interaction” and “immersive environment,” while a fourth noted the program did a great job carrying the brand throughout and across platforms.

The budget was about $1.03 million. Results included nearly 600 booth visitors, with 82% attending the “Meet the Experts” presentations.  About 700 viewed detail stations, and video components were played nearly 500 times.

AbelsonTaylor and Allergan
Restasis Interactive Learning Program

AbelsonTaylor used augmented reality to give eye-care professionals a personal experience of the “Running Low on Tears” campaign for Allergan's dry eye treatment Restasis. Participants saw their faces with Restasis branded eyes and could activate and manipulate a 3D data chart by holding a sales aid in front of the display panel. Turning the aid revealed additional interactive data. “Creative and very engaging,” said one judge. “I haven't seen anything like it.” “Very engaging and well done,” noted a second.


• AbelsonTaylor and Allergan—Restasis Interactive Learning Program

• Eveo, Inc. and Genentech—­Lucentis iPad Pilot & Case Studies Program
• Ignite Health and Eli Lilly—Virtual Lung Cancer Staging Gallery

• RosettaWishbone and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Samsca—Samsca 2011 iPad Sales Aid App

• Saatchi & Saatchi Health Communications and Astra­Zeneca—Seroquel XR 2010 APA Convention

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