Best Multichannel Campaign (Large Clients)

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Best Multichannel Campaign (Large Clients)
Best Multichannel Campaign (Large Clients)

Recognizes and rewards the best use of different media for a single campaign for maximum measurable effect for clients' companies with $12 billion or more in 2011 worldwide revenue.

CAHG and Merck

Multiple Serotypes in One

Judges thought CAHG's campaign for Merck's RotaTeq vaccine, which helps protect infants and children against common types of rotavirus, was beautifully executed and engaging. The centerpiece is a nesting-doll family that represents the product's unique design and selling point—that it covers multiple serotypes.

“Perfectly executed,” said one judge. “It's unique and well thought out.” A second judge noted that the campaign “effectively pulled the message across multiple channels.”

Campaign elements include a journal ad, a sales aid and a video, which was created to energize sales reps.. The media strategy focused on reaching pediatricians and pediatric nurses via print journals. Digital efforts included leveraging journals' online readership and using resource center sponsorships on third-party medical sites to extend reach.

The nesting-doll concept shines in the video, which opens showing serotypes lurking in a child's bedroom. The serotypes increase and come together in a point of white light, which transitions to a lovely outdoor scene showing the dolls emerging from each other—father, mother holding an infant, grandparents and a sibling. Efficacy is stressed, and many dolls shown lining sidewalks in the next shot stress the safety profile proven in a landmark trial.

“This campaign literally came alive [in the video],” commented a third judge.

The agency reported the campaign has enjoyed multiple successes, including rallying the sales team and helping RotaTeq maintain strong market share.

STRIKEFORCE Communications in collaboration with Draft Media and Story World, and Teva Women's Health

ParaGard - “Fits Her Life”

A unique animation approach and linear storytelling helped position ParaGard IUC as a great option for effective non-hormonal birth control. Campaign elements included website video content, scrolling and 3D models that were created without Flash to remain fully viewable on tablets.

“Wow, this is a tough market and they made it look like the most important thing a young woman should think about,” said one judge. “The reinforcement of unique brand attributes to a woman's inherent beliefs was excellent.”

The Finalists

• CAHG and Merck—Multiple Serotypes in One

• Edelman and Humana—-Humana AEP Campaign

• HealthEd and Genentech—Xeloda Multichannel Patient Adherence Campaign

• JUICE Pharma Worldwide and Merck—SAPHRIS Faces

• STRIKEFORCE Communications in collaboration with Draft Media and Story Worldwide and Teva Women's Health—ParaGard - “Fits Her Life”

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