Best Over-The-Counter Product Advertisement/Campaign

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Best Over-The-Counter Product Advertisement/Campaign
Best Over-The-Counter Product Advertisement/Campaign
AbelsonTaylor and Abbott Nutrition
Ensure “Nutrition in Charge”

AbelsonTaylor explained that Ensure was in “drastic need of a makeover and repositioning” because it had come to be perceived as a product for “old, sick people.” Charged with expanding appeal and demonstrating relevance to a much broader audience, AbelsonTaylor used “Toy Story-like animation” of the product, fruits and vegetables to illustrate how Ensure supports a healthy lifestyle.

“The approach did a great job of redefining the younger audience for Ensure,” said one judge. “Fun and effective use of an animated character.”

Another judge noted “excellent” execution, adding that “the visuals tell the entire story.”

Primary targets included adults 45 and older under a doctor's care who have medically related nutritional needs, and people who are “medically motivated” but aren't under a doctor's supervision. Active adults who want to stay healthy were secondary targets.

“Instead of trying to fight a deeply ingrained perception, this direction took Ensure's medical equity and turned it into a positive—nutrition for health and wellness—whether you are recovering or simply trying to stay healthy,” AbelsonTaylor explained.

The agency reported that the campaign yielded “significant shifts” in brand image versus 2007. Ad tracking scores (2009) exceeding norms across several key attitudinal statements: “made me more likely to use the brand” scored 48% above the norm; “points in the ad were relevant” – scored 32% above norm; and “made the brand seem more appealing” scored 25% above norm.

“Great use of characterization,” noted a third judge. “Memorable and smart repositioning of this ‘mature' brand.”


AbelsonTaylor and Abbott Nutrition
Similac 2009 Shielded Campaign

“Visually, this is one of the best OTC campaigns in the market,” said one judge. “It showcases the brand as the champion for the baby's future. Very well done.” Similac is positioned as a true partner in helping moms protect and provide for babies, and the campaign effectively drives Advance EarlyShield's unique immunity benefit. Creative features gorgeous black and white photos of parents cradling newborns. “Beautiful and poignant,” said another judge. “It engages the reader and makes its point with efficiency and elegance.”

The Finalists
  • AbelsonTaylor and Abbott Nutrition—Ensure “Nutrition in Charge”
  • AbelsonTaylor and Abbott Nutrition—PediaSure “Food Pyramid”
  • AbelsonTaylor and Abbott Nutrition—Similac 2009 Shielded Campaign
  • Adair-Greene and Stiefel Laboratories—Get Your Game On
  • Medicus Life Brands and Procter & Gamble Oral Health—Virtually Plaque Free
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