Best Overall Professional Print Campaign

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Best Overall Professional Print Campaign
Best Overall Professional Print Campaign
Rewards the best series of ads for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any medical journals or other periodicals.

Draftfcb Healthcare and Centocor Ortho Biotech
2nd Thoughts

Judges admired Draftfcb Healthcare's use of black-and-white nude shots of people with severe psoriasis. Their faces aren't shown, but each person's body language depicts anguish. The copy suggests that considering Remicade earlier is right—and compassionate.

The images, in which large portions of each person's skin are covered in thick, scaly patches, are accompanied by such headlines as “At this moment, she'd try anything. So why not consider everything?”

“Brillant photography— very powerful and emotional,” said one judge. “Dark, dramatic photo imagery challenges the reader to do something,” another said. “Powerful!”

“Horribly beautiful,” noted a third, while a fourth praised the “clever copy approach.”

Despite Remicade's market-leading efficacy, the agency, noted, doctors often reserve the drug for last-line use.

“Safety concerns and the fact that it's administered via infusion, coupled with a perception by some that aggressive treatment is not warranted in psoriasis, drive cycling through a number of other suboptimal therapies,” the agency added. “However, treatment success may have never been attained with prior therapies or have been reached but not maintained.”

Among campaign objectives: getting dermatologists to perceive Remicade as a more human brand rather than as “the big gun,” and persuading them to use it earlier in the treatment paradigm.

Another judge applauded the images for being “well-done” and capturing the emotional connection to patients.

Draftfcb Healthcare and Cephalon
Proud Sponsor

Nuvigil is indicated for excessive sleepiness associated with shift work disorder (SWD). The campaign features gritty photos of weary-looking night-shift workers (firefighter, EMT, etc.), all with the headline “Supporting those who stay awake for the rest of us.” The ads grab attention and communicate that prescribing Nuvigil supports SWD patients and the communities they serve. “Bold, aggressive, and clear,” said one judge. “Intriguing eye-catching visual approach,” commented another. “Great brand idea,” noted a third.


• Draftfcb Healthcare and Centocor Ortho Biotech for Remicade—2nd Thoughts

• Draftfcb Healthcare and Cephalon—Proud Sponsor

• Dudnyk and Dentsply Professional—Scaling New Heights

• GSW Worldwide and Dyax—Kalbitor Print Campaign

• RosettaWishbone and ­Otsuka America Pharmaceutical—­Hyponatremia Disruption Advertorial Series

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