Best Professional Print Campaign for Product Launches

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Best Professional Print Campaign for Product Launches
Best Professional Print Campaign for Product Launches

Recognizes excellence in print ads for the launch of a new prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any medical journal or periodical.

AbelsonTaylor and Takeda Canada
Tortoise and Hare

AbelsonTaylor created this compelling ad to announce the launch of Dexilant in Canada. Dexilant is a once-daily proton pump inhibitor (PPI) with a unique dual delayed-release formulation that's indicated for healing erosive esophagitis and treatment of heartburn associated with symptomatic non-erosive GERD.

At launch, it was the seventh PPI on the market. Research showed that the concept of a new medication providing a second release later in the day was compelling to physicians.

“With so many PPIs available, our challenge was to fulfill the unmet need in the class and build scientific rationale for yet another,” the agency explained. “To do this we needed to focus on its novel dual-release formulation.”

The ad shows an open pill capsule releasing Dexilant's two types of granules. White granules take the shape of a hare (the first release) and green granules take the shape of a tortoise (the delayed release)—a perfect metaphor for the dual delayed-release mechanism. A graphic depicting the two unique peaks in the drug's profile reinforces the concept.

“Often-used Aesop has found a good home,” said one judge. “Quality execution of a common metaphor,” noted a second judge.

A third judge liked the “refreshing use of a familiar cliché.” A fourth called the ad “well-executed” overall.

The agency reported that research showed that the campaign was quickly understood and that physicians remembered “two releases of drug.”

Flashpoint Medica and Angiotech
Transforming the ­Nature of Tissue Closure

Judges thought this campaign was fantastic, calling it “engaging” and “memorable.” Images of two clouds and two icebergs being stitched together quickly communicates the ability of Quill SRS, a tissue-closure device with a unique barbed design, to enhance surgical procedures and give physicians the ability to perform procedures that were previously difficult or nearly impossible. “A clever metaphor that conveys the delicate nature,” said one judge. “Nice visual metaphor that speaks to the brand's core benefit,” said another.


• AbelsonTaylor and Takeda Canada—­Tortoise and Hare

• Flashpoint Medica and Angiotech—Transforming the Nature of Tissue Closure

• Pacific Communications and Allergan—Botox Chronic Migraine: It's Here

• Reality Rx Communication and Cangene—WinRho Re-Launch

• Sudler & Hennessey and Alexion Pharmaceuticals—Disease Education Campaign: aHUS

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