Best Professional Sales Aid

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Best Professional Sales Aid
Best Professional Sales Aid

Recognizes excellence in the promotion of drugs, devices, diagnostics and other medical services via sales aids distributed directly to healthcare professionals.

Health 4 Brands and Savient ­Pharmaceuticals
Krystexxa Sales Aid

This sales aid impressed judges on several levels. One praised it for telling a “compelling story,” while another complimented its impactful graphics.

“Great flow,” said a third. “Each page stands on its own.”

Krystexxa, a new treatment for refractory chronic gout (RCG), is delivered via intravenous infusion and works differently than standard treatments to lower uric acid levels. Health 4 Brands explained that the market had been dominated by one class for more than 40 years, and patients who were unresponsive or unable to take the standard treatment had no other options.

Doctors were either unaware of Krystexxa or skeptical of the need for infusion therapy. The agency was charged with establishing Krystexxa as the most innovative option to provide clinical and emotional benefits for gout patients.

The aid covers clinical and emotional aspects well. An x-ray of a foot showing the result of RCG is balanced by an image of baby feet stepping onto adult feet with the headline “The Next Step is Krystexxa.”

“For those familiar with the intense pain of a flare, bearing the weight of a child on the affected joint is simply not an option, as even a bed sheet is intolerable,” the agency noted. “Rheumatologists were drawn to the emotionality the foot-on-foot image evoked and appreciated the balance of it as a payoff to the clinical lead-in with the stylized x-ray.”

The agency said market research and anecdotal response from doctors revealed that the foot-on-foot image conveys the powerful transformation Krystexxa provides. The sales force reported high levels of physician engagement.

ICC and Sunovion
The Right Fit

ICC was challenged to help drive adoption of nebulized LABA Brovana in treating COPD patients. “Nebulized LABA monotherapies are recent entries for treating COPD and don't yet occupy a defined and ownable place in this market,” the agency noted. The aid defines the appropriate Brovana patient, showing why it's right for the patient. The cover depicts the competitive landscape, and a spot-varnish techinque helps highlight Brovana as a comfortable treatment alternative. Clinical data reinforces messaging throughout.


• Draftfcb Healthcare and ­Cephalon—Nuvigil Proud Sponsor

• Giant Creative/Strategy and Neutrogena—Sun Portfolio

• Health 4 Brands and Savient Pharmaceuticals—Krystexxa Sales Aid

• ICC and Sunovion—The Right Fit

• ICC and Sunovion—Critical Moment

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