Best Use of Direct Marketing to HCPs

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Best Use of Direct Marketing to HCPs
Best Use of Direct Marketing to HCPs

Recognizes excellence in direct promotion campaign/materials targeting healthcare professionals.


Ozone Online and Medtronic
Insulin Forward

The Insulin Forward program, developed on a budget of about $600,000, gives HCPs and diabetes patients comprehensive educational information and access to classes on  diabetes basics, insulin management and new technology.

“An innovative strategy to segment high-volume insulin-prescribing physicians and long-term insulin-compliant patients,” said one judge.

Physicians targeted included endocrinologists and PCPs with large diabetes practices but not adequate staff to support the full spectrum of diabetes education.

The program includes a website ( and interactive unbranded workbooks. Key prescribers were recruited to promote the classes to patients and encourage them to visit the website to register or preview materials.

Educators delivered post-class surveys and patient evaluations to the referring physician. The classes fulfilled the education needs most insurance companies require for a patient to be eligible to begin insulin pump therapy.

“A comprehensive patient recruitment campaign,” said a second judge.

A third of the patients who registered for a class became qualified leads—up 175% over traditional direct-to-patient advertising. Forty-four percent of leads purchased the pumps.

The agency added that Insulin Forward is expected to deliver at least $1.2 million in additional revenue. Given the program's success, two classes per month are now mandated in every sales territory (more than 400 classes per month).

Hamilton Communications and Baxter
Rule Out Alpha-1. Test Today.

A finger puppet representing the finger of a patient who has been tested for Alpha-1 helped reinforce to pulmonologists that a Baxter-sponsored finger-stick blood test can rule out Alpha-1 in COPD patients.

“Clever, memorable,” said one judge. “Clear in execution.”

Materials delivered included facts, patient examples and a compelling story. The campaign helped drive more than 100,000 screenings with the AlphaTest Kit.

“Memorable graphics,” noted a second judge. “Good results.”

The Finalists

• Hamilton Communications and Baxter—Rule Out Alpha-1. Test Today.

• ICC Lowe and Janssen Therapeutics—(In)sider Program

• Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide and Daiichi Sankyo—Welchol for Oral Suspension (OS) Mixing Guides

• Ozone Online and Medtronic—Insulin Forward

• Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Innovations and Sanofi Pasteur—Adacel Impact Piece

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