Best Use of Direct Marketing to Healthcare Professionals

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Best Use of Direct Marketing to Healthcare Professionals
Best Use of Direct Marketing to Healthcare Professionals

Recognizes excellence in direct promotion campaign/materials targeting healthcare professionals.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Siemens Disney Allergy Education Kit ­featuring Mickey and the Giant Kachoo!

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and The Walt Disney Company joined forces to create this outstanding allergy awareness kit for clinical labs and doctors to use to educate children and parents. Developed on a budget of $60,000, it includes a children's book called Mickey and the Giant Kachoo!, patient brochures, patient stickers, postcards, and posters for use by both labs and physicians. The book, featuring Mickey Mouse, highlights a simple blood test to help identify allergens.

“Amazing integration of HCP and patient initiatives,” said one judge. “Beautiful execution,” said another. A third judge called the program “well-built against business goals,” noting that it was “written and developed creatively for its target audience.”

Siemens said that leveraging its reputation in healthcare and Disney's in the art of storytelling helps kids understand allergies, while driving general education and awareness.

“This unique tool kit enables us to provide customers the marketing tools they need to help them grow their allergy business,” Siemens said. “It's a true value add.”

The English language version of the kit was introduced to clinical lab and physician communities at the July 2009 annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in Chicago. It will be translated into eight additional languages—French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Continental Portuguese.

Everyday Health and Sanofi Pasteur
Adacel G.I.F.T. Program

On a budget of $1.45 million, Adacel's G.I.F.T (Give Immunity, Fight Transmission) program has driven sales of 3.51 million whooping cough vaccines—70% of the goal and on pace to exceed it by 199%. Through the program, created and executed in partnership with Everyday Health's What to Expect property and the nonprofit AmeriCares, Adacel has also donated 75,000+ vaccines to the uninsured (one for every 100 doses sold). “Well-grounded and comprehensive,” noted one judge. “Excellent results to date!”


• Chandler Chicco Agency and Amylin Pharmaceuticals—Market Development, Diabetes Close to the Heart

• Everyday Health and Sanofi Pasteur—Adacel G.I.F.T Program

• Sentrix Health Communications and Wellspring Pharmaceutical—3-Wave Mailer

• Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics—Siemens Disney Allergy Education Kit featuring Mickey and the Giant Kachoo!

• Triax Pharmaceuticals—Sample Coupon Convenience Kits

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