Best Use of Social Media

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Best Use of Social Media
Best Use of Social Media

Recognizes excellence from digital initiatives, targeting either consumers/patients or healthcare professionals that use social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Intouch Solutions and Sanofi

Engaging With The Diabetes Community Through Social Media

Sanofi US Diabetes Division has made a long-term commitment to building relationships with the online diabetes community (DOC) through social media. Dedicated Twitter and Facebook properties launched in 2010. The “Discuss Diabetes” blog, the company's first external blog, followed in January 2011., a dictionary of diabetes terms and phrases created in response to the community's expressed need, recently launched.

“The Sanofi diabetes social program is the clear industry leader, period,” said one judge.

“Smart, innovative, good conversations,” said a second.

Second-year efforts were executed on a budget of less than $1.2 million.  Engagement sentiment rose from 24% to 56% positive. Facebook likes jumped from 822 to 2,693, and Twitter followers were up from 729 to 2,580. Since launch, 93 million word-of-mouth impressions have been garnered.

Efforts are primarily focused on the DOC and engagement includes many examples of positive community sentiment. For example, after accidentally injecting twice the needed dose of Lantus, one audience member noted the community provided “solid input” and that a Sanofi rep relayed a message to contact the company. “That's online social networking at its best,” the audience member said.

Engagement extended last year to, and continues to expand into additional communities focused on diabetes-related discussions.

Judges called this low-budget, multichannel, highly targeted campaign “refreshing.”

LBi Health and Johnson & Johnson

BAND-AID Brand by Cynthia Rowley -Presents: Fashion Emergency Story Contest

Extending a partnership between Band-Aid and designer Cynthia Rowley, a branded Face-book hub strengthened brand awareness and consumer engagement during New York Fashion Week activities.

On a $150,000 budget, the program included a contest and the “Glambulance,” a branded bus tracked by more than 3,000 people using Google Maps.  It delivered more than 700 likes (nearly 30,000 Facebook impressions) and 526 tweets.

“Powerhouse local social execution,” noted one judge.

The Finalists

• Digitas Health and UCB—Epilepsy Advocate

• GA Communication Group and Upsher-Smith Laboratories—Straight Talk

• Ignite Health and Ignite Labs—Diabetes Nest

• Intouch Solutions and Sanofi—Engaging With The Diabetes Community Through Social Media

• LBi Health and Johnson & Johnson—BAND-AID Brand by Cynthia Rowley Presents: Fashion Emergency Story Contest

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