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The Medtronic Diabetes Community: Engaged, Inspired and the #1 Diabetes Brand on Facebook
The Medtronic Diabetes Community: Engaged, Inspired and the #1 Diabetes Brand on Facebook

Recognizes excellence from digital initiatives, targeting either consumers/patients or HCPs, that use social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


• Digitas Health and UCB for  “Epilepsy Advocate on Facebook”

• Intouch Solutions and Sanofi US Diabetes for “Get Blood Sugar ­Control: Interactive Q&A via ­YouTube”

• Intouch Solutions and Galderma Laboratories for “Giving Thanks for Cetaphil Super Fans: A Community Advocacy and Social Engagement Campaign”

• Medtronic MiniMed and Medtronic Diabetes for “The Medtronic Diabetes ­Community: Engaged, Inspired and the #1 ­Diabetes Brand on Facebook”

• Siren Interactive and Lundbeck for “Moving Together for HD ­Facebook Page”

Medtronic MiniMed (Medtronic Diabetes)
The Medtronic Diabetes ­Community: Engaged, Inspired and the #1 Diabetes Brand on Facebook

Medtronic aimed to build a Facebook community that supports diabetes customers, builds loyalty and drives awareness of the benefits of the company's core insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring products.

One judge called the effort “a master class in building an online community with Facebook at the center of an integrated initiative.”

A second judge described it as “outstanding,” noting phenomenal engagement metrics indicate high value to the target audience, which is broad and diverse.

The effort far exceeded all goals on a budget of about $400,000. Between its April 2012 launch and July 2012, the page gained 37,000 likes (7,000 above goal). Likes hit 100,000 by November 2012 (five months before goal). Engagement rates skyrocketed above the goal of 5%, averaging 20% to 30% and climbed to 111% in November when a $10 coupon was tied to the page hitting 100,000 likes.

Medtronic also reported its community is now the number one diabetes brand on Facebook—three times the size of its closest competitor. It also noted that its social media program is “a key driver” for a seven-point increase in its Net Promoter Score, an independent quarterly measurement of how likely customers are to recommend a company.

A trip giveaway helped launch the page. Customer stories collected through a “Share Your Story” app, which Medtronic noted was the first of its kind in the healthcare industry, are published on the page's timeline and on each individual's timeline. Daily posts and campaigns, such as a contest soliciting back to school tips, constantly drive engagement.

The page is also promoted through newsletters, supply boxes, the field sales force and the customer service ­organization.

Intouch Solutions and Sanofi US Diabetes
Get Blood Sugar Control: Interactive Q&A via YouTube

The Get Blood Sugar Control YouTube channel supports dialogue between the diabetes community and Sanofi.

“Deep, rich consumer-friendly content,” said one judge. “Well done!”

The channel's 92% positive sentiment is driving almost twice the average registration and file download rates on

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