Big Data for Big Decisions: Making Digital Work for Healthcare


With the ability to access a massive and widespread audience, digital advertising is no longer the wave of the future, but our current tide. Healthcare marketers poised for success are leveraging big data in all their decision-making. From media buying innovations like programmatic, to the use of EHR data for targeted physician marketing, big data continues to revolutionize the healthcare space while simultaneously presenting a challenge for the innovators charged with creating ad campaigns in a competitive and ever-changing healthcare environment.

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Wednesday, December 7
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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Breakfast and Registration 



Welcome/Opening Remarks

Marc Iskowitz, Editor-in-Chief,  MM&M



Keynote: Big Data, Programmatic Ad Tech and Fraud - Opportunities and Watch-outs for Pharma Marketers

Everyone has heard of big data and programmatic ad tech, and some are adopting it rapidly. But what are the true opportunities, and watch-outs like ad fraud, that pharma marketers should know about? Having worked in digital marketing for 20 years, and specifically for pharma clients in the last 9, Dr. Fou will share first hand experiences and case studies of pharma using digital well and overcoming the challenges of ad fraud, privacy, and compliance. Attendees will learn practical tips about optimizing media mix across channels, detecting and mitigating ad fraud using tools they already have, and ensuring clean data and accurate analytics.


Augustine Fou, PhD, Independent Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud Researcher



Thought Leadership:  Programmatic Buying—The Time Has Come for Hyper-Targeted Messaging

Programmatic buying has presented regulatory issues in the past, but new technologies utilizing not only big data but artificial intelligence has changed the game. A discussion of using programmatic strategies for pharma marketing in a compliant, highly effective way.


Robert Palmer, EVP, Director of Digital Innovation, JUICE Pharma Worldwide
Chris Neuner, SVP and GM of Digital Health Solutions, PulsePoint


Rapid Fire Session: Fast Tracking Pharma's Programmatic Journey

In this session, eHealthcare Solutions shares how we can leverage technology to overcome pharma's hurdles with full programmatic adoption for more efficient media buying. Learn about the resources and capabilities needed to create a sound strategy that embraces the future of advertising.


R.J. Lewis, Founder, President & CEO, eHealthcare Solutions



Rapid Fire Session: Lifting the Fog on HCP Digital Marketing

Since the beginning of the web, visitors to websites have been anonymous.  DMD will present a new technology, and associated data set, that now identifies health care professionals (HCP) who come to a website.  In real time.  Without regarding a login.  We have seen the truth and it isn't pretty.  Big decisions will be made on this new data.


David Reim, Chief Product Officer, DMD Corp.



Networking Break

Thought Leadership: 
Unleashing the Science of Data for Predictive Modeling and So Much More!

In this session we deep dive into data science and discuss its role in better decision making for the business. Learn how data science is helping pharma better understand their patients and physicians. Discover how to put your data to work and garner insights that can inform your predictive modeling and sales strategies.


Sam Johnson, Senior Data Scientist, Intouch Solutions


Rapid Fire Session: 10 Minutes & 10 Things You Need to Know About HCP Programmatic Advertising

The adoption of programmatic advertising is expanding as a valuable component of omni-channel engagement in the pharma marketer's toolbox.  Like any new channel and process, it is important that we understand the key elements involved to ensure a positive experience for the HCP and ultimate success for your campaign.  From the underlying technology, regulations and privacy issues to think about, we're all learning together as innovators and early adopters.
This session will provide better understanding of the key questions a healthcare marketer should ask their partners and vendors as well as the most important aspects of programmatic and digitally targeted advertising to understand.  From how it actually works to the privacy issues to be aware of, we'll tackle 10 key items in 10 minutes.

Bill Reinstein, President/CEO,  MedData Group


Rapid Fire Session: Actionable Analytics + Master Data = Customer Intelligence

QuintilesIMS will show how data has proliferated in the Healthcare industry, which has led to new questions being asked of the data. In order to remain competitive Healthcare companies are using big data technologies to support answering  new and innovative business needs, so real life use cases will be shown to provide the audience with context.

Will Gurney, Senior Principal, QuintilesIMS



Rapid Fire Showdown

After hearing about the innovative approaches and technologies your peers have presented, the audience will have a chance to vote on best ideas and the winner will be announced. 



Thought Leadership: Leveraging EHR Platforms in HCP Marketing

EHR data truly is a treasure trove for professionals working in healthcare. In addition to being a patient data powerhouse, it can also provide invaluable insights and access to physicians during points of care- a treasure trove for marketers! As physicians become less accessible to pharma, industry marketers must come up with new and creative channels to connect with the HCP community, and EHR platforms provide a great channel for pharma marketers to do just that! Learn how data savvy marketers in the industry are leveraging data from platforms as they build targeted marketing strategies that connect brands with physicians in an effective and meaningful way.


Kim Biggerstaff, HCP Digital Channel Consultant, Eli Lilly and Company



Collective Insights Panel 

This closing panel invites the speakers of the day to connect for an insightful and well-rounded discussion on the use of data and analytics in transformative healthcare

Moderator: Marc Iskowitz, Editor-in-Chief,  MM&M

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