Blue Diesel

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Company Profile
With extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena, Blue Diesel understands the demands and challenges that drive the industries and the many audiences they serve—from healthcare professionals and payors, to caregivers and patients. Blue Diesel provides the necessary solutions to connect with each audience, and does so with a powerful blend of strategic innovation and proven experience.

In order to service clients more effectively, Blue Diesel has two office locations. The Midwest headquarters is based just outside of Columbus, Ohio, while the East Coast office is situated near Philadelphia, in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Segmented into domains of strategy, creative, technology, client services, and operations, the agency leverages talent from these disciplines to surround clients with a core group of smart, savvy, hard-working professionals who excel at turning client challenges into opportunity. These teams, called “studios,” are intentionally structured to deepen relationships, strengthen knowledge, and maximize efficiency.

Blue Diesel is part of inVentiv Health (NASDAQ: VTIV), a leading provider of commercialization and complementary services to the global pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology industries.

Services and Offerings
Founded in 1995, Blue Diesel has a strong foundation in interactive marketing supported by a deep understanding of traditional channels. This blend of experience, along with focused attention on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, positions the agency as a strong, capable partner with a diverse range of category experience.

Creative, compelling and award-winning services include:
  • Interactive and Brand Strategy
  • Website Design & Development
  • Closed-loop Marketing & Tablet PC Solutions
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online Marketing & Advertising
  • Video & 3-D Animation

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