Business briefs: Roche and Digitas Health

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Roche is filling out its hematology business. The company announced Tuesday that it was purchasing Boston-based Constitution Medical Investors for $220 million up front, with the possibility of additional milestone payments. The deal means the Swiss company now has rights to the Bloodhound line of hematology diagnostics. Roche said in a statement that the compact tech saves laboratory space and will “strengthen its competitive position in the laboratory testing business.” Roche says this business had an estimated value of around $2 billion in 2011.

Mobile health (mHealth) users are on the hunt for information and possibly new treatments, according to a Digitas Health survey reported on by PMLive. The findings were based on a survey of 2,000 patients in June and addressed 20 disease states that spanned categories that included cardiology, CNS and diabetes. Digitas also found that women made up the majority of mHealth users and that 90% would take up their doctor on a mobile app prescription.

Librarians are being recruited to help navigate healthcare reform, reports the Associated Press, which got a preview of Sunday's official announcement at the American Library Association's annual meeting in Chicago. The AP says around 17,000 public libraries will be part of the effort, and the information push may include efforts like setting aside computers solely for the purpose of information on healthcare reform. Insurance shopping officially kicks in October 1, and the AP notes that the program's "heavy emphasis on web-based portals puts anyone without access to computer as a disadvantage." Libraries with computers can help ease this.

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