Penn and Teller give take on vaccines

The Las Vegas twosome give the anti-vaccination movement their signature treatment.

GSK allegations build in Jordan and Lebanon

GlaxoSmithKline says it is investigating allegations of employee misconduct. The company said in a statement that the allegations have numbers "very similar to those reported by other companies in our sector."

Generic Celebrex is coming

Pfizer and Teva's settlement puts generic Celebrex on the market by December.

Massachusetts painkiller ban overruled

A District Court says Massachusetts cannot ban opioid painkiller Zohydro.

Ranbaxy extends branded Diovan's life

Ranbaxy may be on the blocks, but it has a hold on the right to produce generics of the Novartis heart medication Diovan. Only problem: it can't, and that is good news for Novartis.

FDA approves Glaxo's GLP-1

Type-2 diabetes injection Tanzeum, also known as albiglutide, scored the approval Tuesday.

Insurers get personal to nip costs

Healthcare insurers seek to curb diabetes costs with interventions that may include house calls.

Novartis dials down RNA research

The drugmaker says the therapeutic approach has a narrow treatment potential.

GSK accused of wrongdoing in Poland, Wellbutrin generic revoked

Poland joins the list of countries in which GlaxoSmithKline is accused of misconduct. Meanwhile, bioequivalence issues have prompted the FDA to revoke its approval of GSK's Wellbutrin generic.

UK court OKs Herceptin biosimilar

A London court knocked down two Roche/Genentech patents, making a clearer path for biosimilars of the breast cancer drug. The primary patent lapses in July.

Sebelius leaves HHS

Politico calls her departure an "everybody wins" situation.

PhRMA names new leadership

New leaders include Pfizer's Ian Read, Merck's Kenneth Frazier and Biogen Idec's George Scangos.

Researchers say Tamiflu a waste of money

Complete data sets have prompted researchers to say Tamilflu and Relenza fail at their key reason for being: preventing flu pandemics.

Medicare numbers trigger physician anger

Wednesday's coverage of doctor pay roiled physicians who say the CMS data set oversimplifies payment information and skews reality.

Sunshine data highlights major billers

Facts tucked among the 9.2 million lines of data: 2% of doctors account for around 25% of Medicare billing.

Crowdsourcing patient information

23andMe cofounder Linda Avey is taking crowdsourced patient experiences to the web with a soft July launch of a platform called Curious.

Louisiana sends Takeda $9-billion Actos bill

The drugmaker is accused of burying cancer risks associated with the diabetes medication.

FDA won't review Afrezza until July

The regulator has put off the inhaled insulin's PDUFA date by three months.

Alkermes to submit schizophrenia med this year

Phase-III results prompted the drugmaker to pursue a third-quarter filing.

Study: Anti-vaxxers immune to PSAs

Researchers find public service announcements and physician information don't change minds, but a California practice found one way it could.

Sun Pharma to buy Ranbaxy

The announcement will create the fifth largest generics drug maker, reports Reuters.

Roche seals two deals in one weekend

The Swiss drugmaker has scooped up Oryzon's experimental acute myeloid leukemia treatment and private Massachusetts diagnostics firm IQuum.

GSK reportedly being investigated for Mideast behavior

WSJ's sources say allegations of misconduct are similar to those leveled against the company in China.

Baxter acquiring gene-therapy firm

Almost a week after announcing Baxter was going to break into two divisions, the Illinois company is already expanding.

Kaiser adds to payer ire over Sovaldi price

Kaiser Permanente is swallowing the cost of Gilead's hepatitis C treatment Sovaldi, but is angry about the $84,000 cost.

Speaker pay curbed for UK doctors, too

The top 34 UK drug companies paid medical professionals around $64 million last year, for services that included speeches, medical study participation and third-party meeting sponsorships.

ViiV adds Tivicay to UN patent pool

The GSK-Pfizer-Shionogi joint venture said it will add HIV med Tivicay to a United Nations patent pool, cutting its price for developing countries and granting access for generics firms.

GSK stops lung-cancer vaccine trial

The drugmaker is ceasing a trial called MAGRIT after it was unable to identify patients who could benefit from MAGE-A3.

Compounders get version of PDUFA

The FDA has issued draft guidance that funds FDA inspection of some drug compounders.

SCOTUS to hear out Teva on Copaxone delay

The Israel-based drugmaker will try to extend the MS treatment's patent life until September 2015.

Sanofi reports on Phase-II PCSK9 trial

The drugmaker saw positive results in demonstrating LDL reductions in Japanese patient populations.

Apollo taps W2O as LAP-BAND AOR

Apollo EndoSurgery has tapped W2O Group as its agency of record for its LAP-BAND weight reduction system.

New OTC Nexium approved

The FDA has approved a 24-hour version of Pfizer's heartburn medication.

J&J gets out of diagnostics

The Carlyle Group has picked up Johnson & Johnson's Ortho Diagnostics for $4B.

Insurers struggle with Sovaldi angst

A report indicates that Sovaldi's high price may hurt health-insurance investors.

Massachusetts bans Zohydro

The Bay State is saying no to the controversial prescription painkiller.

Pfizer's PCSK9 meets Phase-II primary endpoint

Pfizer's investigational LDL-C lowering treatment bococizumab reduced LDL cholesterol in patients also taking statins.

GSK recalls OTC weight-loss drug alli

Tampering concerns prompted the company's action.

Takeda reports additional data from Nesina CV outcomes trial

Takeda's DPP-4 diabetes treatment, Nesina, showed no effect on CV mortality rates or hospitalization for heart failure in sub-analyses.

Healthcare reform lawsuits continue

With just days before the enrollment deadline, courts are pulsing with legal opposition to heatlhcare reform insurance subsidies.

HHS extends insurance deadline

The March 31 deadline for health insurance is not the be-all-and-end-all, while a survey found that 50% of the uninsured intend to stay that way.

FDA says generics study is wrong

The regulator disputes findings that generic heart drugs made abroad were contaminated.

Boerhinger funds ADA initiative

The three-year collaboration includes $1.5 million for chronic kidney disease research.

FDA panel votes no on Novartis heart failure drug

Novartis's acute heart failure drug was not recommended for approval, according to an FDA advisory panel.

Lilly freezes pay, AbbVie CEO doubles his

Flagging sales and patent expirations are keeping Lilly's pay rates static. AbbVie's CEO's paycheck reflects his new digs.

ASCO will grade drugs

The professional association says it's necessary, because high prices do not indicate impact.

IMS to go public in April

The IPO could be the third largest of the year.

Xolair indicated for hives

The FDA's approval makes Genentech's drug the first biologic for chronic hives.

EU may expand Tresiba indication

The new indication would mean Tresiba and Victoza could be prescribed in tandem.

Color keeps GSK generic off the market

GlaxoSmithKline claims that Sandoz needs to change the packaging for its generic Advair.

Court reverses Risperdal decision

The Arkansas Supreme Court's decision puts $1.2 billion back into J&J's coffers.

Healthcare PR campaign of the year

Chandler Chicco Agency and Mylan Specialty's "Raise Your Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness" program is named Healthcare Campaign of the Year at PRWeek Awards

GSK drug fails in lung patients

The company says it will continue to test its MAGE-A3 cancer drug among a subset of non-small cell lung cancer patients and among melanoma patients.

Novartis not sweating generics turmoil

The drugmaker's CEO tells Reuters it is in a good position to weather troubles in India's generics industry.

Hawaii sues BMS, Sanofi over Plavix

The state's attorney general says the drugmakers did not reveal that the drug could have a different impact—if any—on patients with East Asian or Pacific Islander heritage.

US Judge calls payments for patent settlements into question

A Wall Street Journal blog post claims that a recent US district court judge's opinion regarding patent settlements may call into question the very definition of "reverse settlements."

Belviq partners up with phentermine

Arena and Eisai are testing Belviq with appetite suppressant phentermine.

Astellas seeks new Xtandi indication

Astellas and Medivation have applied for a pre-chemo indication for the cancer drug.

FDA wants parents to back off fetus selfies

The regulator says at-home ultrasounds and heart monitoring systems are a bad idea.

Pfizer fights for Viagra patent

The company is suing Torrent Pharmaceuticals, which wants to market a drug before the patent lapses in 2019.

ASCO defines meaningful

A working group set out parameters for what counts as a meaningful outcome for pancreatic, breast, lung and colon cancer clinical trials.

Study says fat may not be the villain

Researchers say saturated fat may not cause heart disease, but critics say the study is too narrow.

Glaxo onboards promotional doctors

The drugmaker revealed part 2 of its plan not to pay doctors to speak on GSK's behalf: it will make them employees.

Senator seeks anti-Zohydro legislation

West Virginia's Joe Manchin has sponsored a bill to push pain medication Zohydro off the FDA's approval list.

Informa rumored to lay off staff

Tweets offering help and jobs have followed reports that former Elsevier employees are now former Informa employees.

Clinical trial awareness campaign launches

PhRMA and the National Minority Quality Forum's "I'm In" campaign seeks to tackle clinical trial diversity (or the lack thereof).

Regulators, unite! Hamburg urges global cooperation

Plans for a "new regulatory supergroup" are reported to have been in the works for some time.

Allergan documents eyelash concern

The manufacturer of the so-called "Botox for eyelashes" found the majority of women it surveyed were worried about thinning fringe.

Young adult ACA enrollment holds steady

Around 25% of 18-34 year-olds have signed up for coverage. Obama's FunnyorDie appearance drives HHS traffic.

Teva converts Copaxone users

The drugmaker's outreach efforts involve switching patients to the latest—and patented—Copaxone formulation.

FDA drafts patient-centric CFS guidance

Draft guidance indicates the regulator is open to using patient experience as criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome treatments.

CMS backs off Part D revision

The agency's move to limit the formulary for certain drug classes is dead.

Games may not improve memory

The NYT reports that the data on gaming long-term memory is inconclusive.

Quality, patents tax India connections

India's Ranbaxy logged yet another recall, while the country's stance on patent protection keeps the industry on edge.

Survey shows patient insurance experience

The JD Powers survey shows health insurance communication opportunities.

Eisai CEO retires

Lonnel Coats is leaving after 18 years with the company.

Healthcare reform transforms hospital policies

Hospitals are contemplating financial incentives—as in fines or less support—for patients who could have signed up for health insurance but opted not to.

DOJ may cost Aegerion patients

The drugmaker's annual report indicates the company is concerned that an investigation into its marketing could dissuade doctors from prescribing Juxtapid.

Critics say NIH stung by budget proposal

Advocates say the National Institutes of Health is working with 22% less buying power than it had 11 years ago.

Study shows HPV vax impact

Queensland, Australia, researchers find the risk of high-grade cervical abnormalities fell 46% among women who had received all three doses of the HPV vaccine.

Alzheimer's bigger cause of death than thought

Researchers say death certificates erroneously account for only the immediate cause of death, leading to a poor accounting of deaths caused by the memory-robbing disease.

Nintendo sees future in health

The Mario Bros. company says health and fun are the way of the future.

Biogen, Eisai in Alzheimer's pact

Biogen Idec and Eisai said they will collaborate on and co-market two of Eisai's clinical candidates for Alzheimer's disease.

Sovaldi price worries states

Insurers and state agencies are wondering if and how they can cover the $84,000 hep. C drug.

Italy fines Novartis and Roche

Italy's regulator says the companies conspired to suppress Avastin sales so Lucentis could gain market share.

Proposed budget gets mixed reviews

The White House's proposed FY 2015 budget gives an additional 1% to the FDA.

New FDA Twitter feed has diverse following

@openFDA and its related website launched February 27.

Takeda admits running bad ads

The company said it used "inappropriate expressions" in promotions of a blood pressure medication.

Industry mutes doctors

ProPublica says drugmakers have slashed speakers' budgets.

Doctors, not friends, source of many opioids

A study says that more opioid abusers get their medications via prescription than they do second-hand.

NICE wants more Soliris information

The UK watchdog wants to know what's behind the rare-disease drug's high price.

Study links adherence with side effect worries

A study showed that side-effect fears keep asthmatics from sticking to medication regimens.

FTC poised to referee telemedicine

The regulator—which oversees an array of matters that include deceptive advertising and robocalls—is being nudged into this part of the medical field because of the technology involved.

Roche halts lung drug combo test

Roche said an onartuzumab and Tarceva mix did not help advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients with MET-positive tumors.

GSK stops Phase-II lupus trial

The drugmaker said JAK inhibitor GSK2586184 showed no effect in Phase II and has put an ulcerative colitis test on hold.

FDA ends Teva Plan B OTC dominance

The regulator is allowing generic makers room on the OTC contraceptive shelf.

UPDATE: Eliquis tied to fewer serious adverse events

In an analysis of post-approval data, apixaban was found to be relatively safer than other oral anticoagulants in terms of serious adverse events.

Bayer acquires Chinese consumer co.

Bayer bought China-based Dihon Pharmaceutical Group, which specializes in traditional Chinese medicine consumer goods.

Doctors say vaccines don't pay

Ten percent of surveyed doctors told the Centers for Disease Control that reimbursement rates are not enough.

FDA slammed over generics

Critics say the FDA is not doing enough to ensure generics quality and that communications between industry and the regulator need to improve.

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