C3: If we build it, will they come?

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Medical Exchange is assembling one CME meeting that addresses three audiences over six days: specialists, primary care doctors and patients. “We look forward to the response we receive from the industry,” said co-founder John Mooney.

Four specialty areas are addressed on day one. On day two, those same four areas will be covered for PCPs as four new specialists arrive, and so forth. Days five and six are for patient education. Physicians sit in classrooms, then can visit the exhibit floor for more information. By having all three stakeholders hear content created by the same faculty, Mooney said, the meeting could help improve communication and, ultimately, outcomes.

The first of what the firm is calling its collaborativeCARE Conference (C3) is slated for November 2011 in Long Beach, CA, with curriculum licensed from Lighthouse Learning, the CME firm that eschews all commercial support.
“Our idea is to take that content and, if you will, build a regional marketplace around [it],” said Mooney. He and his partner, Dix Wheelock, aren't pursuing grants, only promotional dollars, so everything rides on signing up exhibitors and advertisers.

Pharma and device companies can potentially reach all three stakeholders under one roof. That, combined with lower booth costs and a tradeshow floor organized by specialty area, are additional innovations. If C3 is successful, Mooney wants to take it to 10 cities by 2013.
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