Faruk Capan
Intouch Solutions

It says something about Capan's record of transformation and disruption that his work growing Intouch Solutions into one of the industry's biggest and most highly regarded agencies might not rank first on his list of career innovations. Way back in the 1990s, Capan founded MSWatch.com, the healthcare industry's first community portal. He downplays the achievement—"if I showed it to you now, you'd ask, 'Why didn't you build Facebook instead?' "—but the point remains: When everybody else was attempting to wrap their heads around this crazy newfangled Internet thing, Capan had already envisioned its future. At Intouch, he's used that same intuition to convince wary clients to contemporize their marketing. "I don't think pharma has figured out mobile yet, but mobile and all the data that will be generated is what's most interesting. It's about the marriage of big data and behavioral science. There's so much value in this for patients and doctors—it's just a matter of convincing clients to go there with us." —Larry Dobrow