At Work With: Chris Nelson

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Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson

What was your biggest break?
Starting at Intouch Solutions fresh out of college. I'm glad Faruk Capan was able to see something in me back then.

What's the best and/or worst part of your job?
I get to work with amazing people every day who trust what we recommend.

What's the view like from your office/work area?
My office is on the ground floor, so I have a view of the woods.

How long is a typical meeting with clients?
A quick check-in or review can be less than an hour. If it's a strategy and planning session, it can be half a day.

Does your office have a favorite lunch and/or after-hours place?
My favorite place to hang out is the Bier Station. I'm something of a beer nerd.

Where did you go to college? Did it help you prepare for your career?
The University of Kansas (go Jayhawks!). Yes, beyond the educational benefit, it gave me a sense of independence and excitement for the future.

If you were to write a book, what would the title be?
“Paint with Data: Where Data, Science and Creativity Meet.”

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