Upward Move: Daniel L. Menichella

Upward Move: Daniel L. Menichella
Upward Move: Daniel L. Menichella

Daniel L. Menichella
Chief Business Officer, Zyngenia

“The company is a big idea,” says Zyngenia's new chief business officer, Daniel Menichella. “I believe that Zybodys are the next generation of multi-specific based drugs, particularly in oncology and neurology.” The Maryland-based biotech firm has two pre-clinical programs in development which are expected to enter IND in 2013 and 2014.

Menichella is no stranger to the commercial side of the equation. Prior to joining Zyngenia, he worked at both Talecris Biotherapeutics and Merck Serono as svp, corporate development and vp, business development respectively. As he takes the reins of a new operation, he hopes to continue his past success.

“We're not doing science for science sake. We have an opportunity for to bring forward technology that has the ability to target multiple disease pathways simultaneously,” says Menichella. “You are going to get a cost-effective, novel treatment that is good for patients and good for physicians.”

Menichella looks forward to working closely with both the drug-development and marketing teams. As chief business officer, he is the go-between for these groups. “The question is which programs can you work on? Which ones can you afford to work on? You've got to get a return for your investors. And what do pharma companies want to do and what can we work on with them?” He affirms, “It's exciting; it's a great problem to have.”

Now, as he starts a new chapter in his career, Menichella notes a few things which have helped along the way. “Every interaction is important. People say it's a global business, and it sounds kind of cliché, but you really need to listen carefully. Another thing is people talk about the importance of work-life balance and I don't know if that's possible. If you're deep in a deal, you're probably not balanced. But that being said, one thing I have learned is: don't miss life because of work.”

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