Upward Move: Gabrielle Pastore

Gabrielle Pastore
Gabrielle Pastore
Global Strategic Commercial Innovation Vice President, Cadient Group

Each year in Osaka, Japan, AstraZeneca sends 3,000 company employees into the countryside to help elderly villagers. Employees burn and tie bamboo in rice paddies to help villages with next year's crop. Gabrielle Pastore, previously global commercial innovation director at AstraZeneca, was part of this program, the “3,000 arrows.” That time spent in the countryside solidified her understanding that “motivated and enthusiastic teams yield results much greater than the individual.” (And the choreographed stretching at the end of the day didn't hurt, either.)

After having spent over 15 years at AZ, Pastore was ready to be at the forefront of user engagement. She explains, “What we see in the pharmaceutical industry is really a change in how they bring products to market. Regulations have kept life sciences back in the digital, mobile, and social adoption space. I saw Cadient as an agency moving forward, with a vision to help companies reshape their commercial model.” And with her breadth of experience in pharmaceuticals, it's no surprise that Cadient tapped her as the lead of their newly formed Commercial Innovation Group.

Pastore began her career developing predictive models for thoroughbred race horses. With a degree in animal sciences, she was interested in the well-being of living creatures. “Healthcare for me was an industry that was booming and there was a clear line of sight to marketing,” she says. “It was a great opportunity to join a business which does a greater good for the population.”

While she made the jump from horses to humans long ago, Pastore still volunteers every week at All Rider's Up, which helps individuals with special needs learn to horseback ride. Pastore is also a self-described motorhead, with a growing collection of motorcycles including some Ducatis and Vincents. “I like to work on them and go out on rides, as well as spend time on DIY projects.”

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