Upward Move: Mark Myslinski

Mark Myslinski
Mark Myslinski
Mark Myslinski
Chief Commercial Officer, Saladax Biomedical

80% OF PATIENTS undergoing chemotherapy are currently being under- or over-dosed in their treatment, according to Mark Myslinski, the new chief commercial officer of Saladax Biomedical. He wants to change that standard of care.

Currently, physicians determine dosage by using a test based on body surface area. But Saladax, a venture-backed startup, hopes to bring a more accurate, blood-based test to the market.

“This company is about making a positive contribution in the field of cancer,” Myslinski asserts, “what we're trying to do is to make these treatments more effective.”

In 2012, Saladax saw two of its dose management assays receive the CE Mark in Europe. This year, Myslinski hopes to drive adoption in the US. “To challenge the standard care, even an antiquated one, is always difficult,” he says. “Our goal is to help doctors find problem patients and then demonstrate the efficacy of our approach.”

Myslinski has spent the last 30 years in diagnostics. His knowledge of the industry has made his move to Saladax an easy one. “They have the three legs of the stool,” he says, “the test is beneficial to patients and clinicians as well as the healthcare system.”

Myslinski comes to Saladax from RedPath Integrated Pathology, where he helped develop the Pathfinder test. The test helps physicians discern whether a pancreatic cyst is benign or cancerous. “Diagnostics was a natural combination for me between science and business,” he explains, “learning the different specialties, particularly working with laboratories to bring those novel tests to the marketplace has been a nice fit.”

And for Myslinski that nice fit has always been complemented by a great team. “People make the difference,” he says, “It always comes down to people. It's not about one person. When you find that right mix, its fun and you feel like you're making a difference—which is all you can ask for.”
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