Upward Move: Tina Fascetti

Tina Fascetti
Tina Fascetti
Tina Fascetti
EVP, chief creative officer, Roska

“To get anything done well, you need to focus on talent-to-task,” says Tina Fascetti, newly appointed EVP, chief creative officer at Roska, “it's about teamwork and knowing when to collaborate and make a decision.”

But that's not to say setting off on your own can't be advantageous. After working with agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, inVentiv, and Sudler & Hennessey, Fascetti “had the opportunity to do some consulting work,” she explains, “with people in the industry who I really admired. I was behaving as a sort of pop-up ­creative director.”

That admiration led her to Roska's offices in Montgomeryville, PA—just outside Philadelphia. Fascetti was brought on to work on a DTC campaign for Myrbetriq from Astellas, as well as some other projects. After a few successful pitches, they “decided to make it official,” she says, laughing.

Now that they've tied the knot, Fascetti is working at “getting to better know the team and understanding clients needs.” She's also getting involved with rebranding. “It's a reinvention of the creative process,” she notes, “so that you're ­living and breathing these brands.”

And part of that reinvention is what drew her to healthcare: the promise of helping patients. “The most important thing we do is help patients get better—which is especially true at Roska, where we do a lot of patient support and outreach.”

Returning to the agency world has brought Fascetti back to the importance of teams: “Your people are everything. You need to make sure you hear them,” she says. “Sitting behind a closed door is never a good idea.”

Those “closed doors” shouldn't be too much of a problem, given her new work environment: “Everybody sits out in the open,” she explains, “even executive management. We're independent, which allows for a certain kind of freedom—we don't have to ask anybody except for yelling over a cube.”

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