Steve Cashman
Founder and CEO

It takes a certain degree of chutzpah to tell Walmart, Walgreens and other mega-retailers that have taken a dive into healthcare services that, well, they're doing it all wrong. But when Cashman makes these proclamations—in the interest of prompting retailers to take a look at, and perhaps devote some floor space to, his teleconnected HealthSpot healthcare delivery kiosks—he does so because he truly believes that his way is better for consumers. "When was the last time you heard anybody say something nice about a healthcare experience?" he asks rhetorically. 

At the same time, Cashman believes the HealthSpot model is an equally good fit for the doctors who will tend to those consumers. The company takes care of the scheduling, connectivity and insurance; all the doctor has to do is tele-see the patient. "There was skepticism at first. Now it's just a matter of getting more people and physicians to see us in action. They get it right away," Cashman says. —Larry Dobrow