Campaigners want FDA to focus on women's sexual health

Sprout is among the groups lobbying the FDA for sexual parity
Sprout is among the groups lobbying the FDA for sexual parity

A coalition of health groups is lobbying for the FDA to give the same amount of attention to female sexual dysfunction disorders as it does to men's in a campaign titled Even the Score: A Campaign for Women's Sexual Health Equity.

The kick-off announcement noted that its June 4 announcement “comes less than a week after the FDA approved a 26th drug to treat the most common form of men's sexual dysfunction,” referring to the testosterone replacement drug Natesto.

“Gender equality should be the standard when it comes to access to treatments for sexual dysfunction; and the approval of safe and effective treatments for women's sexual dysfunction should be a priority for action by the FDA,” chair emeriti Susan Scanlan said  a statement.

Sprout Pharmaceuticals, which has an experimental treatment for hypoactive sexual desire disorder – marked by a lack of interest in sex and/or fantasies – is among the campaign's supporters, as are Palatin Technologies, the National Council of Women's Organizations, American Sexual Health Association and the Society for Women's Health Research, among others.


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