Global prescription sales up 6.4%: IMS Health

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According to an IMS Health report, global prescription sales topped $712 billion in 2007, a 6.4% growth.

The US remains the single largest market, at $286.5 billion, despite its “lowest-ever level” of contribution to global growth in 2007, at 25.5%.  Total prescription sales in the US grew 3.8%, according to the report.

Asian (excluding Japan, including Australia and New Zealand) and Latin American markets saw the most expansion last year, posting 13.3% and 11.6% growths respectively.  China grew by 25.7%.

In the US, lipid regulators for cholesterol were the top-selling therapeutic class, at $18.4 billion, while anti-depressants represented the largest therapeutic class by dispensed prescriptions, at 232.7 million, according to the IMS data.

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