Google Health partners with 'telehealth' patient-doctor service

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Google Health announced the integration of MDLiveCare technology, a service that offers patients access to doctors from remote locations, via webcam or telephone, into its personal health record offering.

The partnership, announced today during the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco, allows MDLiveCare to flow an individual's medical data into a Google Health personal health record (PHR). A consumer can then peruse the information and records resulting from a webcam or telephone conference, and share the information with a doctor prior to an upcoming appointment, according to an MDLiveCare statement.

“Patients remember less than 25% of what they're told when they consult with a doctor,” said Bob Smoley, CEO, MDLiveCare, in the statement. “By directly synchronizing the information that's shared…we're able to provide patients with a convenient solution to review their physician or therapist encounters.”

Google Health has partnered with several other companies' online tools to sync information into Google Health PHRs, such as Quest Diagnostics, Cleveland Clinic, DestinationRx and, among others.

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