Jim Belushi sings the RCG blues for Savient

Jim Belushi sings the RCG blues for Savient
Jim Belushi sings the RCG blues for Savient
Krystexxa maker Savient has recruited Jim Belushi for an awareness-raising campaign dubbed “Check Out Your Gout.”

The unbranded effort, launching in Chicago this week to coincide with the American College of Rheumatology meeting, features the actor, who suffers from gout, in video PSAs at CheckOutYourGout.com. TV and radio PSAs will broadcast nationally.

The campaign aims to educate consumers about a severe form of gout called refractory chronic gout, or RCG, which affects around 120,000 Americans – a fraction of the 8 million gout sufferers in the US. Krystexxa, approved late last year and launched in early 2011, is indicated for RCG but not the more general form. RCG may be diagnosed when uric acid levels remain high and symptoms persist despite available conventional therapies, and symptoms may be debilitating, due to the frequency and severity of episodes, the recurrent painful gout attacks and the disfigurement associated with the condition.

“Gout continues to be widely misperceived and overlooked,” said Louis Ferrari, SVP commercial operations North America. “Our hope is that through the ‘Check Out Your Gout' campaign Savient, together with Jim, can increase awareness and understanding of gout and RCG.”
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