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Company Profile
Kane & Finkel Healthcare Communications is a full-service healthcare marketing and communications agency with expertise in the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, medical device, and consumer healthcare sectors.

What makes Kane & Finkel different from any other agency that builds websites? First, we do more than websites. We build interactive strategies that include web properties as a core component, but that (ideally) begin with an e-Landscape analysis and include search engine marketing and optimization, metrics analysis, and a long-term plan for site evolution. Second, we develop electronic tools that can be utilized online and offline, including mechanism of action animation, digital video, interactive demonstrations, electronic detail aids with robust feedback components, and more. Third, we work hard to integrate all of your communication vehicles into a cohesive network, and that typically includes working with your other partners (PR agencies, medical education agencies, tradeshow vendors, etc.).

Finally, the most interesting element isn't what we do, it's how we do it. At Kane & Finkel, every deliverable is designed and executed as part of the overall brand strategy. We like to think that we're just as focused on making your brand a success as you are.

We pride ourselves on being able to consistently deliver a targeted message to the right audience at the right time.

Services and Offerings
Kane and Finkel's range of offerings is ideal for multiple phases of product lifecyle, from clinical trial recruitment and pre-market promotion to launch and late stage re-positioning. We ramp up quickly and, most importantly, we get it done.

Interactive services include:
  • E-Landscapes
  • Interactive strategy
  • Full website development
  • Search engine promotion
  • Software development
  • 3D animation development
  • Online customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Physician and corporate extranets
  • Film and video
Case Study
Astellas Pharma US has the leading immunosuppressant agent in the organ transplant market and its ties with the medical community are strong, but they wanted to forge a deeper relationship with patients. Kane & Finkel was charged with developing a relationship marketing program that would help patients become more consistent with the medication adherence, encourage a healthy lifestyle for long-term success, extend the existing patient database, and support transplant patients at each stage of transplantation (pre and post).

Our solution started with a large-scale branding effort, involving a new name and revitalized program look and content. Transplant Experience (the new program name) was centered around a robust educational website supported by print and electronic mailings, brochures, and other items. Program drivers included search engine optimization, search engine marketing, third party site support, transplant center promotion, and sales representative promotion. The program has been closely monitored and optimized since being deployed. The 1st year results were impressive:

  • A 300% increase in patient enrollment (relative to previous efforts)
  • A 3-fold increase in personal information responses
  • Numerous consumer and industry awards
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