NEJM revamps website, adds complete archive

NEJM revamps website, adds complete archive
NEJM revamps website, adds complete archive

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) launched a new website on July 24, including an archive of past issues dating back to 1812.

The revamped website,, incorporates lessons gleaned from the journal's beta site, which tested new functionalities with readers and solicited feedback during 2009. Tom Easley, NEJM's publisher, said the beta site provided user's opinions on things like tabbed articles and image carousels, to determine what works best for readers.

“The primary goal [of the redesign] was to create a unique branded interface, and to make [digital] innovations easier to find for doctors,” said Easley. The new site makes it easier for doctors to access interactive medical case studies, and to use customized specialty areas, he said.

Improvements to the site include a more sophisticated search function, better graphic integration at the article level (after a click, graphics display within the article, instead of prompting a new window or player), and additional levels of customization within the MyNEJM offering, which allows readers to tailor the journal to their specific needs, said Easley. New specialty pages allow doctors to customize alerts and other content that's relevant to their practice areas.

For advertisers, the site offers improved visitor authentication, and provides a more precise targeting capability, said Easley. New sponsorship opportunities include iPhone applications and article tools, among others. New ad formats, such as a half page layout, are also available, per Easley.


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