People news: Kantar Health, NeurOp

Healthcare consultancy firm, Kantar Health, has promoted two TNS healthcare alumni: Graeme Jacombs, the firm's Southeast Asia regional director, and Vince Grillo, the current general manager for Australia. The two became part of Kantar Health after TNS was acquired by the firm, and will both remain focused on their current parts of the globe. Jacombs has been named Deputy Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, known as APMEA. Grillo will be the general manager of Singapore and Malaysia. Grillo will move to Singapore for his new position.

Bristol-Myers Squibb's former executive director of psychiatry drug discovery, Robert Zaczek, is sliding over to Atlanta-based biotech NeurOp, where he will be the company's first Chief Scientific Officer. Zaczek joins the company with a degree of familiarity: he collaborated with NeurOp's depression and neuropathic pain programs while part of a BMS team. He will oversee NeurOp's central nervous system treatments for depression, neuropathic pain and schizophrenia treatments, among other conditions.